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What Time Does Target Open On Black Friday 2018? You've Got Your Game Face On

As you bask in the glow of Thanksgiving dinner, soaking in the love of family and friends with a full stomach, you'll only have one thing on your mind: Black Friday sales. Who could blame you? Black Friday sales are basically any holiday shoppers dream come true — I'd be shocked if you didn't have at least one deal on your mind that you've been counting down the days for. Superstores get a lot of traffic on Black Friday, especially the biggest retailers, which leads me to a very important question: What time does Target open on Black Friday? You've got your eye on more than one prize.

Drumroll please: Target will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving — yes, as in Thursday — to kick off their Black Friday sale, according to an article on their corporate site (a full hour earlier than they did last year) and will stay open until one in the morning. The retailer is one of many choosing to start their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day itself, with stores like Walmart and Kohl's doing the same. Some take issue with stores opening on turkey day, but whether or not you approve of the practice, it seems like it's one that's here to stay. Those who wait to do their shopping until Black Friday itself may even have a relatively leisurely shopping experience if they're visiting a store that kicked off their deals the day before.


Target's Black Friday deals cover everything from things as big as televisions to others as small as DVDs, so it might be worth leaving the Thanksgiving party a little early to make sure you can snag what you've got your heart on. But if you'd rather spend the holiday with your family and wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get your shop on, set your alarm clock because on Black Friday itself, Target stores will open at 7 a.m., according to their corporate site. That gives you at least a few hours of sleep between the Thanksgiving celebrations aka food coma and your shopping excursion.

And if you decide you'd rather avoid the crowds on both days, you can always go the online route. Target will have Black Friday sales online starting on Thanksgiving day, and they'll be offering free shipping on hundreds of thousands of online orders. Online shopping sounds like the best move to me TBH. Sure you'll miss out on doorbuster sales, but you get to avoid crowds, chill with your family, and snack on leftovers while snagging pretty much everything you need for the holidays from the comfort of your home and pajamas. But you won't be able to avoid helping with the massive pile of Thanksgiving dishes if you stay home, so actually, maybe you should make a quick trip to Target for a little retail therapy. Of course if you miss the Black Friday sale altogether, Cyber Monday deals will be all over the world wide web just two days later. Regardless, your local Tar-jay will be there with open doors starting at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving day, rain or shine.