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Be Sure To Tune In For Arie's 'Bachelor: Women Tell All' Special

It's kind of hard to believe that we're this close to The Bachelor Season 22 finale, but here we are. But ahead of the Fantasy Suite dates in Peru on Monday night, there's also the Women Tell All special to look foward to, and considering it's airing on a different day than usual, you're going to want to know what time Arie's Women Tell All Special is, so you don't miss a moment of all the drama. Because with Bibiana, Tia, Krystal, and Bekah M. all in the same room together, you better believe it's going to be a must-see event.

The special airs Sunday February 25 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and will feature all of the women except Arie's final three contestants. Along with the usual behind the scenes clips and reminiscing about the good old days of filming, a few of the women will also sit down with Chris Harrison, and according to Variety, things get heated.

The taping reportedly took six whole hours because the women were fighting after a never before seen clip of Krystal during the bowling date airs. Remember, after the bowling date, Arie changed his mind about allowing the losing team to also come to the cocktail party as a prize, which made Krystal pretty mad. Although Bachelor Nation got to see her sulk in her room all night, according to Variety she calls both the women and Arie some bleep-able names in this new footage. You know the women aren't going to be thrilled about that.

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Krystal explained to Variety that she just couldn't handle the setup of the show, stating:

I couldn’t separate myself and real emotions from the surreal experience. I’m dating a guy who I have feelings for and we had an amazing connection so early on on our one-on-one and yet we’re on these group dates in Tahoe [and] in Fort Lauderdale with him being affectionate with other women and him like holding hands with someone else while talking to me. It felt incredibly disrespectful and I just was not okay with it.

She also reportedly added that she didn't think she was portrayed fairly on the show, a sentiment that Arie echoes when he gets in the hot seat, too. Just not about Krystal. According to Variety, Arie described the show like "reading the most amazing book you’ve ever read and seeing the TV version of it or movie version of it — things are going to get left out.” He said that the women he felt didn't get enough screen time are in his top three.

“My relationship with Lauren — a lot of things have been left out. And also my relationship with Becca K., there’s some episodes when we haven’t seen much," he said, which definitely clears some things up for me at least, because it felt like both of those choices for the Fantasy Suites really came out of nowhere.

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As always, the women and Harrison also discuss some Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise casting, and everyone seems ready, especially fan favorites like Sienne and Tia, according to Variety. Arie reportedly also says that he has a special pick for the next season of the Bachelorette but that he's going to wait until everything is all said and done before picking a favorite.

He's also excited to reveal who he ends up with, which might be a little controversial, since in clips of the Fantasy Suite episode, he appears to tell two of the women that he's falling in love with them, which is always a Bachelor taboo. Not everyone is thrilled to hear Arie gloat about his newfound love, though.

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According to NBC, Caroline, who was eliminated early on, tells Harrison during the special episode that she feels like Arie did one of her friends dirty in the season finale, though she doesn't let it slip who that BFF is. She reportedly says, “[I] wish him nothing but the best, but I’m also allowed to be really upset and he f—ed over my friend."

With all of that A-game drama and those interviews, this is definitely going to be a Women Tell All that you're not going to want to miss.

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