Eric McCandless/ABC

Charo's Post-'DWTS' Plans Are Unclear

Whether you loved her or were annoyed by her, there was something totally magnetic about Charo on the dance floor. But now that she’s been eliminated, what will Charo do after Dancing With the Stars? She always seems to be doing something, never quite sitting still, but that last part isn't really a surprise. She was like a tiny ball of energy on DWTS and even at 66 years old, she was unafraid to cut loose and dance her heart out for both the judges and viewers.

Unfortunately, a mixture of the judges’ scores and a lack of votes to keep them in the game, Charo and Keo were eliminated from DWTS during Week 3. It wasn’t a total shock, since Week 2 had placed them in the hot seat already, though they just missed an elimination that instead went to Chris Kattan and Witney. So now that she’s no longer going to be cuchi cuchi-ing her way across the ballroom floor, what are Charo’s plans for after DWTS?

The Las Vegas performer hasn’t said what’s next for her, as she’s still making the rounds to talk about her elimination from the dancing competition show. But chances are, she’s going to be headed back to Vegas very soon for another string of her own live shows.

In an interview with Good Morning America following Charo’s elimination, she said that when she was asked to be part of Season 24 she’d actually been scheduled to perform in Vegas but said that since she goes back to Vegas so often, she instead took producers up on the opportunity to compete on the show. Who could have guessed that it would be the show’s Vegas night that would see her sent home? (Oh, irony.) Still, since Charo already had plans to perform in Vegas, she’s likely going to head back there soon.

Over the past few years Charo has also made appearances on shows like Jane the Virgin and Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, while additionally headlining her own shows at different hotels and casinos across the country. In the summer of 2016 she performed at several different shows in Vegas, and since she said herself that she was supposed to head back at the time of filming DWTS, she’s likely going to be making some new Vegas appearances in the near future.

Charo might have seemed over the top at times on DWTS, but she’s also never been afraid to be herself. Suffice to say, she was fun to watch, even if you didn’t necessarily love her.