Jon & Rachel May Have Already Tied The Knot Post '90 Day Fiance'

If you watch 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, you're already aware of the difficulties surrounding Jon Walters and Rachel Bear's apparent marriage. During the Season 2 premiere, the two had only just been introduced, but by now they have already solidified their long-distance union. The question on every fan's mind is when did Jon and Rachel get married on '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days?

Though Walters's proposal aired last week — and there's nothing official to prove they're legally married quite yet — internet detective, (aka Redditor) JonInCa, posted what very well could be Jon and Rachel's marriage certificate. With Rachel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Jon in England, here's a little web-evidence (i.e. "webidence"). The supposed location of the nuptials is listed as New Mexico with a date of June 5, 2018. Strange, right? Fans originally thought this meant Jon came to the United States and now lives with new wife, Rachel. If that's not suspicious enough, gossip site, Starcasm, discovered another alleged marriage certificate for Jon and Rachel dated May 31, 2018 with the location being Boho Cornwall (England). This further aligns with what was seen on the show, with Rachel preparing for her English wedding while back home in the states.

An InTouch Weekly insider said if they were legally married abroad, this is further proof the United States recognized it. Two marriage certificates floating around the internet listing two different locations (that happen to be where each live)? I don't know about you, but based on all the Instagram posts, I feel a gift registry coming on.

For a quick 90 Day re-cap, Jon (who lives in England, BTW) and Rachel met through the karaoke app, Smule, where they sang duets and fell in love, as people do. After a few hiccups, they began a long-distance relationship just as Rachel discovered she was pregnant with her ex's baby. Luckily, Jon didn't see this as a dealbreaker. He was on board with becoming a father figure but missed the birth in person because couldn't get a visa due to his criminal record. Thank goodness for live-streaming. Of course, not getting a visa then also meant it would be just as hard to get it in the future and all the pressure fell to Rachel. She visited England last December and it was only a few months later the two (allegedly) wed.

With how much drama has already ensued, it's hard to know what's real. If the two have, in fact, married, there's the question of where they'll live together as husband and wife. With Jon's criminal history — though he claims he's not a violent person — and difficulty obtaining a visa because of said criminal history, it's easy to understand this relationship's portrayal on TV may not be all that it seems. With Rachel's eldest daughter and related custody issues with the biological father, she can't exactly up and move to England and this much was confirmed to Good Housekeeping. They've been reviewing their options. According to InTouch, one option, as suggested by their lawyer, would be "a marriage-based K-3 visa or an immigrant visa instead of the fiancé visa." This is because Jon's criminal record could get him denied visa as fiancé of an American citizen. Basically he upped his chances of getting approval if the marriage already happened. Though, the wait time from approval to Jon living in the United States as Rachel's husband could be up to three years.

The couple's been fighting for their relationship for awhile now. Before cast for the show, they sought help online which means fans have social media to thank for their appearance on [90 Day Fiancé]. That, along with Rachel's father's concerns, the roadblocks are clear, married or not. Still, it didn't stop Jon from proposing with an ocean as the backdrop (because of course it is) or Rachel saying yes. As one of the couples that actually looks like they could go the distance, this is one story viewers hope has a happy ending.