Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Iron Fist & Daredevil Need To Come Face-To-Face

Considering that Netflix keeps churning out one Marvel series after another, there's bound (and expected) to be a bit of crossover before these vigilantes reunite on The Defenders later this fall. Fans saw it happen between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, not to mention the numerous times Claire Temple has shown up all across the board. And while Iron Fist was no different when it came to crossover teasers, one of the biggest questions on audiences minds is: when do Iron Fist and Daredevil meet? Unfortunately, it's going to still be a while until that happens. Warning: spoilers for Iron Fist Season 1 ahead!

Speaking as someone who has watched all 13 episodes of Iron Fist in its entirety, I can assure you that neither Daredevil nor Matt Murdock show up during Danny Rand's story. He's mentioned a bunch of times for those diehard fans who are familiar enough to recognize the subtle nods, but as far as actually having a physical presence on the show, that sadly does not happen. It would've made since though, given how much experience Daredevil has had with The Hand as of late. And to be honest, I'm not sure why Claire never thought to call up the devil of Hell's Kitchen and ask for his advice and/or help as soon as The Hand was mentioned. I mean, two superhero heads are better than one, right?

Apparently not for the time being. So yes, they will make reference to him, they showcase characters he associates with (cough, Madame Gao, cough), but Iron Fist and Daredevil do not ever come face-to-face. That epic crossover is evidently being saved for The Defenders. And boy oh boy will they definitely have a lot to talk about.

As the sworn enemy of The Hand, Iron Fist has made it his mission to take the evil group down, and while that has proven to be a bit of a challenge, having someone like Daredevil on his side would certainly help the cause. However, it's hard to say how well they would work as a team. Because that's the thing about vigilante's right — they have a hard time distributing vigilante justice. They're so used to working solo and doing what they think is best that they have a hard time listening to others. Claire and Colleen were constantly the voice of reason, yet Danny refused to listen to them ever. But I digress. Maybe Matt Murdock's advice would stick?

Suffice to say, a Daredevil and Iron Fist crossover may not have happened yet, but it will in the very near future. Don't lose hope just yet.