The Best Time To Orgasm During Pregnancy

It’s finally the second trimester. Your nausea is hopefully a distant memory, and you’re not as tired — the "honeymoon" period of pregnancy is a wonderful time. Suddenly, you remember your partner, and boy do they look good to you right now. Did they do something different to their hair? Wow, their fragrance sure smells good. Did you know that during the second trimester, most women resume having sex? Now that your partner is back in focus for you, you may be wondering, when do you have the best orgasms while pregnant?

According to Dr. Leah Millheiser, director of the Female Sexual Medicine Program at Stanford University, intensified arousal and orgasmic intensity begins to build up during the second trimester and hits its peak in the third trimester. "Women often describe mind-blowing third trimester orgasms," Millheiser says to Romper in an email. "This is related to the increased blood volume that occurs in pregnancy, which intensifies blood flow to the genitals — arousal and orgasm are all about blood flow to the vagina and vulva."

Whew. So on that note, what are the best positions for pregnant women as far as comfort and ease for you and your partner? This is important information to have, especially given that the third trimester is when you’ll have the biggest bump, but the best orgasms.

"In the late second and third trimester, it’s important to find positions that take pressure off of the uterus," Millheiser says. "The missionary position can be quite uncomfortable for a very pregnant woman, so I would recommend the following positions that promote comfort and pleasure: woman on top, spooning, doggy-style, or standing or kneeling with hands on the bed and partner entering from behind."

So there you have it, ladies. According to Millheiser, sex while pregnant is actually better for some women than when they’re not pregnant, since orgasms are easier to reach and more intense.

Mind-blowing and intense orgasms have to be one of the best perks of being pregnant (other than the baby at the end). Have fun, let loose, and enjoy your intimate time with your partner now — you never know when your body will be ready for it again after baby . . . or when you’ll have the time or energy for that matter.