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Krystal's Days On 'The Bachelor' May Be Numbered

Every season of The Bachelor needs that one contestant to fill the role of the resident button pusher or instigator. And while Krystal Nielson hasn’t had too many run-ins with the other women just yet, she definitely isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Arie Luyendyk Jr. seems to love that about her, but naturally, it begs the question: when does Arie send Krystal home on The Bachelor this season? Her time as one of his favorite contestants might be limited, especially if she continues to rub some of the women the wrong way.

It all began with the seemingly harmless interruptions that most contestants do in order to get in their time with the Bachelor in question, and since it’s par for the course, you have to have a level head about it. But when Krystal — who had already been given ample alone time with Arie — continued to do so, it just got to Bibiana, who called her out on it. From there, a short-lived feud began before Bibiana was eventually sent home, leaving Krystal still standing and appearing to be one of Arie’s favorites so far.

With the way she’s interacted with the other women, though, even prompting Bekah M. to let her know that her inability to open up to the other contestants was closing her off from them, Krystal can't last too much longer.

I know I’m not the only one who predicted that there would be a glorious two-on-one date with Arie, Bibiana, and Krystal, in order to help him decide which of the two women to send home. So when that didn't happen, it definitely seemed as though Krystal was here to stay. However, I'm inclined to believe that there’s still a two-on-one date on the horizon to either allow Arie to send Krystal home or cement her place as one of his potential final four women.

With Bibiana gone, there’s bound to be someone else to be Krystal’s verbal sparring partner and once that inevitable new feud sparks, there’s a good chance that Arie will settle it with one of the infamous Bachelor two-on-one dates. If you want to go by social media clues, though, Krystal might make it pretty far before Arie sends her packing.

On Krystal’s Instagram, there was a huge chunk of time where she didn’t post anything, from June 23-Dec. 11 of 2017, and while filming for The Bachelor typically begins around the end of September, it does say something that Krystal didn’t return to social media until mid-December, meaning that she may have made it pretty far this season before being sent home.

Then again, usually around Week 7 is when the Bachelor and his contestants travel to another country to begin the next leg of the journey and Krystal could very well go home shortly before that, as opposed to traveling abroad with the rest of the women, only to be sent home.

Because of her behavior with some of the women, Krystal hasn't gained many fans from Bachelor viewers and some are ready for her to go, if only to get rid of the season's "villain," but her strategy has obviously worked so far in gaining favor with the only person who actually matters.

Right now, it seems like Krystal has made enemies of some of the other women in the Bachelor Mansion, but as far as Arie himself goes, he seems to actually enjoy her more determined attitude. That being said, when Arie sends Krystal home on The Bachelor, it may be because of the drama and interactions she’s had with the other women, as opposed to anything amiss in her relationship with him.

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