'Floribama Shore' Season 2 Isn't Over Yet

The red Solo cups are barely empty and the drama might still be fresh on fans' minds, but it’s never too early to wonder, when does Floribama Shore come back? There hasn't been an official announcement yet about Season 3, but apparently, new episodes will be back before the next season premieres. At the end of Monday’s episode, an ominous "to be continued" appeared on the screen. And, according to TooFab, new episodes will be back on Thursday, November 29.

In the past, season premieres have been a little sporadic. The inaugural season of Floribama Shore premiered in November 2017 and then Season 2 premiered in July, not even a full year since Season 1. So it seems like Season 3 would likely premiere in July 2019 to keep things on track, both with filming and a reliable air date. So it would appear that this break in episodes is just a hiatus and the returning episodes in November are a continuation of Season 2. That means that we get to continue watching the drama unfold between Aimee, Gus, and everyone else. Instead of an actual conclusion to all of the fighting and relationship troubles, Monday's episode of Floribama Shore ended like a cliffhanger. Luckily, fans won't have to wait too long for new episodes, but it’s going to feel like a long time with the way things were at the end of Monday’s episode.

Kortni, Codi, Gus, and Kirk were about to get into an all out brawl with Kortni’s ex, Logan. Because what's an MTV reality show without a few physical altercations? And Candace and her boyfriend Gator had their own words with each other after their tumultuous relationship played out during the season. It was like the season of volatile relationships and fans can thank the reality TV gods that it will all pick up again soon.

I fully expect things to begin exactly where they left off when new episodes come back, but it’s uncertain just how many more episodes there will be. Originally, Floribama Shore was renewed for a 20 episode second season. Then, that number was reduced to 14. But given that Monday’s cliffhanger episode, "Reservations for Eight," was Episode 14, it looks like MTV had a change of heart and viewers could get those final six episodes when Floribama Shore comes back. I’m not sure what changed, but the whole "to be continued" promise definitely makes you want to come back for the rest of the drama.

For the most part, Floribama Shore’s Season 2 ratings have mirrored those of Season 1. The season premiere brought in almost one million viewers and more often than not, the numbers have ranged from 600,000 to 800,000. Compared to Jersey Shore Family Vacation, which already had a following and has brought in a little more than one million viewers per episode this season, the show has a decent fan base. So it could be why Season 2 was extended to include the original 20 episodes, and it bodes well for the show’s future.

While it hasn't officially been renewed for Season 3, Floribama Shore will likely return next summer. It’s had a steady following so far and there’s never been a dull moment. But before Season 3, there are a handful of episodes left to round out Season 2 and give viewers a proper conclusion.