Audrey Roloff's Due Date Is Coming Fast

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff of TLC's Little People, Big World are getting ready to welcome their first baby together. Now that twin brother Zach and his wife Tori have safely, and joyfully, welcomed baby boy Jackson into the world, the Roloff family is looking forward to their next exciting addition. As Audrey Roloff's due date is fast approaching, it seems baby Jackson won't have long to wait before he welcomes his new playmate.

Audrey and Jeremy have hit the pivotal 37 week mark, according to a recent Instagram post by Audrey, and are knee deep in preparations. Before Audrey gets to her due date of Aug. 31, though, the couple have a crazy amount of work ahead of them. Making room for baby, packing the all-important hospital bag (tip to Audrey if she's reading this; snacks and Netflix and soft, comfy clothes), trying to get a handle on their own parenting style. The time will most certainly fly. Audrey wrote on Instagram:

We are getting down to the wire... I'm 37 weeks!!! We finally started packing our hospital bags today just in case baby girl decides to come early... but we are hoping to have a little more time to get life in order before her big debut. I feel like pregnancy just flew by and I can't believe we are already at the end! I'd love to hear some of your advice for labor and delivery, songs or scriptures that got you through those tough contractions, what to pack in your hospital bag, and/or what you wish you knew before becoming a first time momma?!

Not only are the couple getting ready to welcome their daughter, but they're also in the process of moving. The Roloffs are moving back to their hometown of Portland after having lived in Bend, Oregon (a four hour drive away) for some time. The move will bring them closer to the rest of the Roloff clan, all of whom seem to be going through some big, emotional changes this year.Jeremy's twin brother Zach and Tori Roloff, who live just two minutes away from Audrey and Jeremy's new home in Portland, welcomed their first child, Jackson Kyle, in May.

Sister Molly Roloff married Joel Silvus at the beginning of August.

And the youngest sibling, Jacob Roloff, has been enjoying a road trip to see the country, as well as working on his first published book, Verbing.

Parents Amy and Matt Roloff, who have been divorced since May 2016 but remain friends, must be bursting with all of this great news. Two new babies to enjoy, Jeremy and Audrey moving closer to the family pumpkin farm outside Portland... life seems to be pretty good for the Roloffs these days.