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The 'AHS: Cult' Finale Will Be Here Before You Know It

Season 7 of American Horror Story has had enough twists, turns, and mysteries to satisfy even the most critical viewer, but now that some of that mystery (i.e. the cult members and those who were under the clown masks) has been revealed, it makes you wonder where the season will go from here. And, more importantly, it begs the question: when is the American Horror Story: Cult finale?

The season has been full of the kind of terror, humor, and basically jaw-dropping scenes that fans have come to expect and hope for, but sadly, the season is more than halfway over. I know, that’s a hard pill to swallow, but the AHS: Cult finale will air on Nov. 14, ending the season with 11 episodes in total. But the episode titles for the remaining four episodes almost make the ending worth it, even if it means fans will have to wait several months for a whole new season.

Tuesday’s episode is titled "Winter of Our Discontent," which is expected to be very Winter-centric and hopefully not result in her untimely death at the orders of her brother Kai. After that, the last three episodes are, in order, "Drink the Kool-Aid," "Charles (Manson) in Charge," and "Great Again." The end might be near for AHS: Cult, but the last four episodes of Season 7 are bound to be full of important material and generally filler-free.

In the past, there have been varying numbers of episodes per season. For example, Season 6 ,titled AHS: Roanoke, consisted of only 10 episodes total, whereas the season before that, AHS: Hotel had 12 and AHS: Freak Show was 13 episodes in length. So while 11 episodes for AHS: Cult might seem low, it definitely isn't the first time the franchise gave one of its shows less than a dozen episodes and it certainly doesn't mean that there hasn't already been enough content to make up for the lack of an extra episode or two.

As a whole, AHS uses the formula most cable network series use these days, as opposed to the 22-24 episode length that a lot of network TV shows span. Even so, with AHS: Cult’s finale fast approaching on Nov. 14, something tells me that the ending will be as satisfying as those of seasons passed.

In the most recent episode, viewers saw that Kai knows pretty much everything that goes on behind his back, including Winter and Ivy’s meeting with Beverly and their plans for an uprising, so in a way things have been set up for the remainder of the season.

In fact, Ryan Murphy recently posted a photo on Instagram of Evan Peters as Charles Manson, likely for the upcoming "Charles (Manson) In Charge" episode, so there could be some heavy parallels of Manson’s own followers and Kai’s growing cult in the upcoming weeks, which will only further fuel Winter, Ivy, and Beverly’s need to take him down somehow. They just have to figure out a way to get ahead of Kai since, as was shown at the end of Episode 6, Bebe Babbitt, Valerie Solanas’ former girlfriend, is also working with Kai.

AHS: Cult’s finale is on Nov. 14, which gives the season just four episodes to not only bring a conclusion to Kai’s reign, but also wrap everything else up as nicely as possible. Given that the series usually leaves no stone unturned, though, I have no doubt that it will be able to do just that.

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