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The 'Big Brother 19' Finale Is Closer Than You May Realize

If it feels like just yesterday that Josh was banging pans to instigate a rise out of Mark, you’re not alone in thinking that way. Somehow the summer flew by in a blur of competitions and lots of tears. Just so, so many tears. There’s a reason the Big Brother comic book for Mark is The Incredible Sulk. Still, it’s kind of difficult to believe that it’s all about to come to an end, so when is the Big Brother 19 finale?

The end is actually very near. As in, even as close to next week. That's right, my friends — Wednesday Sept. 20 will mark the end of Season 19 and hopefully all of the stress that the season has brought along with it. I may or may not have yelled at different houseguests through my TV and computer screen this season because of either their horrible game moves or blind loyalty to certain houseguests (*cough, Paul, cough*). But even though the Big Brother 19 finale is coming up soon, there are still a few episodes to take in before the winner of that $500,000 prize is selected and the houseguests can finally rejoin society.

You might still be reeling from Wednesday’s special surprise eviction and then Head of Household competition, but there are still a few episodes to go before the Big Brother 19 finale.

As host Julie Chen announced during the Wednesday eviction episode, there will be the usual Thursday night live eviction, making Paul’s potential final Head of Household reign a pretty short one. Then, there will be a special Friday night episode, likely to make up for the fact that Sunday’s episode won’t be on due to the Emmy Awards. Maybe viewers will finally get some more sneak peeks into the jury house? Then, Wednesday Sept. 20 is the Big Brother 19 finale in a two-hour special from 8-10 p.m. EST. As fast as the season seemed to go, the remaining few episodes are going to feel even more rushed, because of the last Head of Household competition and eviction before the winner is voted on.

In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of possible scenarios pop up to keep fans on the edge of their seat, like the total blindside to poor Jason that left him questioning all of his relationships in the house, including his “ride or die” Alex. There was also Josh seemingly waking up from the Paul trance to see how he has been playing all sides for so long. But just when you thought Josh might make a power move and try to get Paul out, of course that didn’t come to fruition.

For the four remaining Big Brother 19 houseguests, Kevin, Paul, Josh, and Christmas, the most likely scenario is that Paul will once again manage to get himself to the final two, with Kevin eliminated Thursday night, and most likely with Josh by Paul's side in the end. In a physical competition, Paul could probably best Christmas because of her injury, but when it all comes down to it, it’s about the jury votes.

Paul has played a ruthless, but overall very smart, game this season. He more than likely knows how many enemies Josh has made who are still in the jury house and while there are plenty of houseguests who are no longer big Paul fans, he stands more of a chance at winning against Josh for the jury votes.

Undeniably, Paul had a lot of control over the Big Brother house this season, but it’s still been a wild rollercoaster of emotions for both houseguests and fans alike. And when the Big Brother 19 finale airs on Sept.20, it’s going to ultimately be up to the jury houseguests who wins the half million dollar prize that they’ve all been gunning for.

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