Rodrigo Varela/ABC

Bryan & Rachel Can Finally Start Their Post-'Bachelorette' Life Together

It’s probably one of the weirdest feelings in the world to get engaged on TV and then, once cameras stop rolling, ask your fiancé for his phone number. But every season, Bachelor Nation couples make that leap from being a couple in hiding to being open with their relationship. And now, Rachel and Bryan are about to finally be able to do all of the normal couple things, but when will Bryan and Rachel move in together after The Bachelorette? The new duo finally get to start their life together, away from constant filming and out of hiding for fear that fans will see them together before the show is finished airing.

Last season on The Bachelor’s After The Final Rose special, Nick Viall and new fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi talked about their own plans to move in together. Since she’s from Canada, they had to decide where they would settle down and they told Chris Harrison that they’d be living in the U.S. together, but at the time, they hadn’t made the official move yet. If that’s also the case with Bryan and Rachel from The Bachelorette this season, then they’ll likely officially move in together once After the Final Rose has aired.

It would make the most sense, considering it’s when they’ll finally be able to go out as a couple, sans disguises (do they do that? They should totally do that in the future) and without having to meet at secret rendezvous places on the weekends. Rachel revealed at the beginning of the season that she got engaged on The Bachelorette and that she was still in love even after filming ended. So once the season finale officially aired Monday night, both Rachel and Bryan were likely more than ready to finally make the leap of moving in together.

There have been some photos on Instagram that make it seem like Rachel and Bryan have already slept over at each other’s houses, but chances are, they haven’t made that official move yet. And honestly, it will probably be the next big thing for them to tackle once After the Final Rose is over.

Rachel has been plenty vocal about her love for her new fiancé, never wavering on keeping his name a secret. But now that they’re going to be allowed to be open about pretty much everything, they’re more than likely going to be moving in together before the summer is over.