John Fleenor/ABC

'The Bachelor' Announcement Is Coming & I Am Ready To Meet The Next Male Lead

It’s hard to believe that a summer of hookups, breakups, and gif-worthy moments on Bachelor in Paradise is already coming to an end. But with its ending comes a new beginning for one lucky Bachelor lead and a couple dozen new Bachelor Nation recruits vying for his heart. There are already a few solid frontrunners for the position, and the lead has likely already been chosen. But it’s still unclear when The Bachelor 2020 will be announced, since the upcoming season’s lead could be revealed literally any day now.

In recent years, The Bachelor announcement has come near the end of the preceding Bachelor in Paradise season or even during the Bachelor in Paradise finale special. Last year, Colton was announced as the Bachelor shortly after he broke up with Tia and left Bachelor in Paradise Season 5, but before the season officially ended. Before that, Arie was announced as the Season 22 Bachelor on Good Morning America in early September. When Nick was announced as the Season 21 Bachelor in 2016, it was on the short-lived Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise after show.

So while it's unclear when the next Bachelor will officially be announced, he will most likely be revealed in the coming days before or during the Bachelor in Paradise finale special, which airs on Sept. 17.

Right now, the next Bachelor could be almost anyone from Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette or Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. It’s not uncommon for one of The Bachelorette final three or even four to be in the running for Bachelor, which leaves Peter and Tyler as potential Bachelor candidates right now. Since Tyler is rumored to be dating Gigi Hadid, however, I think it's safe to say Peter is the stronger contender of the two for a leading role on The Bachelor this time around.

Mike, who was sent home on Hannah’s season right before hometown dates, is another strong possibility for The Bachelor 2020. He opened up to her on the show about a miscarriage he experienced with an ex and then showed how open he is to love on Bachelor in Paradise this season. He left the show alone and he got a serious Bachelor edit and tons of new fans in the process.

Derek was also given a classic Bachelor edit on his way out of Paradise. He gave a teary speech about wanting to find love and being hurt on the show more than once. To be fair, this was his second time on Bachelor in Paradise, so while some fans may be rooting for him to have his due, others might feel he already had enough chances in the franchise. It’s possible that producers could bring him back once again, though, on The Bachelor this time.

Then again, ABC could pull a fast one on fans and bring back someone from another Bachelorette season. Before Arie was announced as the Bachelor in 2017, a lot of fans had hoped Peter from Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette would be given his second chance at love. He made it to her final two, but couldn’t quite get *there* and he wasn't ready to propose, despite marriage being the endgame on these shows.

Or, Bachelor producers could bring back Ben, who already had his chance on The Bachelor Season 20 and has popped up on other shows in the franchise since then, including The Bachelor Winter Games and Bachelor in Paradise. At this point, though, I think most fans just want to know when The Bachelor 2020 will be announced and who will be the next lead. Judging by the past announcements, fans won't be waiting much longer.