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Chelsea From 'The Bachelor' Is Full Of New England Pride

Now that I've had a few weeks to get to know the contestants on Season 22 of The Bachelor, I'm filled with curiosity about each and every one of them, starting with B-string villain Chelsea. So far she's revealed little about her background except that she's a single mother. But I want to know more. For example, where did Chelsea from The Bachelor go to school? This particular contestant lives in Maine, and according to her social media accounts, she loves her town of South Portland as well as all things New England. So let's dive right in.

Chelsea's LinkedIn account seems to have been disabled rather recently, but before the account went offline it was revealed that she (at least at one point) worked for Dambrie Garon Real Estate. The company even had a bio for the Bachelor contestant, but it is no longer there for some reason. However, Reality Steve was able to dig up a little more information on her as well. According to the site, Chelsea is an alum from the University of Southern Maine and currently works at Keller Williams, which is actually partnered with Dambrie Garon Real Estate, so it all seems to line up.

Chelsea appears to have pretty much scrubbed social media of her educational and professional background. Her Facebook page only includes that she lives in Portland, Maine, with no mention of her previous education or workplace. Her Instagram account (though completely beautiful) says only "New England, Mama, and Real Estate" in the description area, with no other hints as to where she may have studied or worked. And if you were looking for answers on Twitter, that's a no go as well. Her Twitter account was activated in December 2017 and includes only two tweets — and they're retweets. And because the image is of her ABC bio picture and there's no other information, I can't definitively prove that she's even the one behind it.

For a longtime Bachelor detective like myself, this lack of information is super frustrating. However, because I am also a human person who respects other human people, I understand if Chelsea chooses to keep some things private. Yes, she is on a reality show, but that doesn't mean the whole world needs to know where she works. Maybe she's worried about fans (or not-fans) coming to her office and disrupting her during the day. Fair!

What I do know about Chelsea is this: she is a very beautiful single mother who lives in Maine and also models occasionally. I was wrong when I initially pegged Chelsea as this season's requisite "villain." Clearly, Krystal has overtaken her in that regard. In fact after her adorable reaction to Marikh's "glam-shaming" accusation during Week 4, I started to downright like her. Chelsea got a lot of attention during Week 1 when she was the first to steal Arie away for a conversation and so earned the coveted First Impression Rose. Since Krystal seems to have taken that strategy and run with it in the following weeks, I think it's OK to give Chelsea a pass now.

However, I do know for sure that Chelsea is not going to win The Bachelor. Arie said as much on Jimmy Kimmel Live when the late night host was attempting to guess who the winner was. When Kimmel held up Chelsea's picture, Arie shook his head pretty distinctly. In any case, it looks like I'll have to content myself with just watching Chelsea on TV.