Where To Buy Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are the latest kid-craze, but they're more than just an annoying thing you have to check pockets for before tossing jeans into the wash. It turns out, there can be some major benefits to these spinners, including helping kids who have trouble focusing. But where do you get fidget spinners? Are they so trendy that you'll have trouble finding them? Are they strictly a sensory tool and expensive to buy?

Not really. Apparently, you can get them pretty much anywhere. Fidget spinners can be found in a lot of big box stores like Walmart and Five Below, and convenience stores like 7-Eleven, but they're also extremely popular online. A search on Amazon for "fidget spinner" brings up over 33,000 options and the prices can range from less than $2 to over $20. Groupon is also known for having heavily discounted fidget spinners listed, some on sale from $25 to just $8.

Tri Fidget Hand Spinner, $12-20, Walmart; Giggle Hands Fidget Spinner, $2- $4, Amazon; Fidget Spinner Stress and Anxiety Reliever Toy, $8, Groupon

Trying to decide if they're worth it? These fidget spinners are more than just some fad — fidget spinners have been great for children who suffer from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as a means to help them focus their energy. According to TIME, the fidget spinners are able to stimulate the part of the brain that gets bored, allowing kids (and adults) to use the rest of their brain to focus on tasks at hand.

Because of the popularity of the toy, finding them in an actual store might be more difficult than ordering a few on Amazon. If your child has ADHD or another condition that could benefit from fidget spinners, you can also talk to their therapist or teacher for suggestions on where to find one. Some stores, like The Therapy Shoppe, sell a smaller, more discreet version of fidget spinners ($10) so that children can use them in a classroom setting without distracting their classmates or teachers.

Skinny Mini Fidget Spinner, $10, Therapy Shoppe

Are fidget spinners the new Hatchimals? Maybe. The popularity seems to have exploded across the country with YouTube bringing up around 658,000 results on a "fidget spinners" search. People are using them for everything from entertaining their cats to "spin offs" with their friends. But the benefits seem to be worth the craze, so be sure to check out your favorite store, especially Amazon, if you're looking for a fidget spinner.