Here's Where Jinger Duggar Will Spend Her First Christmas As A New Mom

by Gillian Walters

In a large family like the Duggars, it's rare that everyone spends Christmas in the same place. Case in point: Although Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar — along with most of their kids — are based in Arkansas, Jinger Duggar will spend Christmas in Pennsylvania with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, this year.

Jinger is one of the only Duggar siblings who moved away to another city when she got married in November 2016, according to Us Weekly. The Counting On star packed up her bags to live in Laredo, Texas, where Vuolo works as a pastor. Jinger visited her family back home fairly often after the nuptials, but the addition of baby Felicity in July 2018 slowed down her travel considerably.

Considering Jinger's trips back home are few and far between, it's fair to theorize that she had a difficult time choosing where to spend Felicity's first Christmas. The mom had the opportunity to spend it in Pennsylvania with her in-laws, or with her parents in Arkansas. As it turns out, Jinger decided to fly to Pennsylvania this year.

The reality star revealed the cute news via her Instagram Stories Monday, sharing a shot of Vuolo holding Felicity at Philadelphia International Airport. "We made it," Jinger captioned the shot.

It sounds like Felicity slept through the flight (what a relief for the new parents, right?), as evidenced by Jinger's adorable video of the baby struggling to wake up post-landing. "Still trying to wake up," she captioned the moment.

Once the family left the airport, Jinger took some snaps of the Pennsylvania countryside from the car. It's clear the Duggar sibling likes the area because she captioned it with a heart eyes emoji and the message, "these views."

The best was yet to come, however, because she also shared a photo of Jeremy's mom holding Felicity. "Grandma time," she captioned the precious shot.️ So sweet.

It's not yet clear if the other Duggar siblings will spend the holidays at Jim Bob and Michelle's compound. Joy-Anna Duggar, for instance, typically spends major events with her husband, Austin Forsyth, while Jill Duggar occasionally heads over to her mother-in-law's chateau for holiday gatherings. The ladies did reunite for a Duggar Thanksgiving in November 2017, however. according to People.

As for the Duggar men? They often don't stray far from Jim Bob and Michelle. Newlyweds John-David and Abbie Duggar, for example, are looking forward to spending their first holiday together as a family.

"I love spending each and every day with you and I can’t wait to celebrate our first cozy Christmas together," John-David wrote on Instagram.

Josiah Duggar and his new wife, Lauren Duggar, are also getting into the holiday spirit. The couple took to their joint Instagram account Monday to share snaps of their decorated home, captioning it: "Can't believe Christmas is almost here!" Aww.

Lauren's family recently moved from Georgia to Arkansas, so it's fair to assume the newlyweds will spend the holiday together as one big unit.

Circling back to Jinger and Vuolo, here's to hoping they have an amazing first Christmas with Felicity. By the looks of it, they're already having a blast in Pennsylvania.

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