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The Latest 'How To Get Away With Murder' Mystery Is All About Laurel

by Chrissy Bobic

Typically, the season premieres of How to Get Away with Murder end with a death to solve and a whodunnit type of mystery to run the course of the season. But for Season 4, the question is more of a where. As in, where is Laurel’s baby and where is Laurel in the flash forward on How to Get Away with Murder? Since the existence of Laurel’s baby is still a mystery in itself, in that she told the Keating 4 she was having the baby and told her father she had an abortion, it’s probably easiest to focus on what will no doubt be the mid-season reveal and that’s where Laurel is in the flash forward on HTGAWM.

Executive producer Pete Nowalk talked to Entertainment Weekly about the big mystery surrounding Laurel this season and whether or not her father had something to do with where she is, which could very likely be a mental institution given the white walls and lack of windows. When asked if Laurel is in a mental institution because of her father and that he may have had her committed like her mother was years ago, Nowalk replied, "Oh, my God, I think that’s totally fair. I love the level of attention you pay to this show! I think that’s totally fair and I think that’s a good theory. Obviously it’s how we want you to think about the show is to start guessing and those are very good guesses."

Nowalk also teased that, if Laurel is in a mental hospital in the HTGAWM flash forward, it might all be a ruse of her own. "If we’ve proven anything, Laurel is very smart. She comes from a diabolical father, so she’s probably learned a few tricks, so she could be faking a lot of things," he told Entertainment Weekly. "We saw her lie throughout the episode, and we’ve seen her lie throughout the series."

Since the flash forward showed Laurel in a strange looking hospital room and Annalise's court-appointed psychiatrist was there too, it kind of makes you wonder if she's actually in a psych ward. There’s the possibility and growing fan theory that Laurel’s pregnancy is in her mind and she already lost the baby, but I think the psychiatrist could be there for other reasons, like to calm her down when he reveals that someone took her baby, which is still a very distinct possibility at this point.

Karla Souza (Laurel) told E! News that from this point forward until the HTGAWM mid-season catch-up in the hospital room scene, everything Laurel does is in regards to keeping her unborn baby safe. "For me, knowing the hashtag or the whole arc is 'Where's my baby' is going to be such a strong thing to know because then all of these episodes coming up to that point, there's going to be such a relationship to — everything Laurel does is because of that baby being the way of her redemption," she revealed.

She also made it clear that by the mid-season finale, all with be explained, even if there will be more questions once the episode is over. "A lot more things happen that night that are intertwined with every single one of the characters, so it'll be, again, a puzzle of what went down, who's involved, what happened," Souza said.

At the very least, it’s pretty obvious that Laurel is in a hospital room of some kind and that she’s back on speaking terms with Frank, since he came into the room first and seemed to whisper something to her. If it’s a psych ward, something tells me that Laurel is a lot more in control of what’s going on than fans might think. But as for the whereabouts of her baby — that may be one mystery that even she doesn't have the answer to.

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