What Kind Of Passport Peppa Pig Would Probably Have, In Case You Were Itching To Know

Peppa Pig is an international phenomena. The cartoon has been appearing on Nickelodeon since 2005, and it's sparked a movement the world over. Some kids are even picking up on Peppa's accent — it's that serious. While kids are all-in on Peppa Pig, parents may have some lingering questions. For one, where is Peppa Pig from exactly? Viewers know she has a recognizable accent, but where she lives doesn't really really come up, which feels a little strange, right? Families all around the globe invite Peppa into their homes daily without knowing much about the Pig family's quaint little home.

Peppa Pig never really delves into the specifics about where the show is set, but there are some glaring context clues. For starters, Peppa's home is often featured on the show, as noted by Den of Geek. She, Mommy and Daddy Pig, and her little brother George Pig all live in a yellow house on a hill. The name of the town is rarely discussed, if ever, on the show, but Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki notes that Peppa's nationality is English and she was born in the fictitious town of Peppaland and her home's address is 3 Astley Street in Peppatown, which was reportedly revealed in the episode, "My Cousin Elizabeth."

Though the town is fictitious, it's clear that it's somewhere in the United Kingdom, based on Peppa's British accent (which some young viewers have picked up from watching), suggesting she and her family live somewhere in England.

The show has alluded to it being set in England in the past. In May 2012, for instance, the Daily Mail reported that the Queen was going to be portrayed on Peppa Pig. In the episode, called Peppa Meets the Queen, Peppa and her classmates were granted the opportunity to travel to Buckingham Palace, where they had a run-in with the monarch. During the episode, according to the Daily Mail, the Queen — depicted as human on the show for the first time in its long run — threw on a pair of rain boots and jumped in muddy puddles with Peppa.

Additionally, in another episode of Peppa Pig, in which Daddy Pig needs to go on an international business trip and the whole family joins him, he presents his passport, which resembles a British passport.

News about Peppa most likely being British is far less shocking than rumors that she and her family could be, well, giants. Speculation started swirling a few weeks ago, after Twitter user @Memeulous shared a screen grab of a Google search suggesting that Peppa is a whopping 7 feet 1 inch tall. For reference, that's the same height as former professional basketball star Shaquille O'Neil, according to the CBC. Frightening, I know.

What's more, that reveal got people talking about how tall the rest of the family must be. One fan, as reported by The Sun, did some quick math and found that if Peppa is 7 foot 1 inch tall, Daddy Pig would have to be around 14 feet 2 inches tall. Similarly, Mummy Pig would be about 11 feet 6 inches tall, according to the social media math whiz. Suddenly Peppa being over 7 feet tall seems like NBD.

It appears all that worry was for nothing, however. As you can tell from the above clip from Peppa Meets the Queen, Peppa and friends appear much smaller than the character meant to be Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen is just over 5 feet tall in real life, so it seems unlikely that Peppa and her mates, as they call them in England, aren't as big as fans feared. What's more certain, however, is where Peppa and her family hails from, which is most likely from somewhere across the pond and on top of a hill.