The Setting For 'Workin' Moms' Might Be A Little Unfamiliar To Some Fans

If you’re a mom who is looking for a show that perfectly encapsulates the struggle of juggling work and motherhood, then Workin' Moms is like the lifeline you didn't know you needed. Season 3 of the Canadian-based series is set to drop on Netflix on Aug. 29, but because the setting is so unique, some viewers might be wondering where Workin' Moms is set. Maybe all of the characters' struggles aren't exactly like what you are going through, but there is nothing like relatable characters to make you become attached to a series and watch all available seasons without taking more than a bathroom break.

If you only have access to the series via Netflix, that means you can watch the first two seasons for now. But if you are from the Toronto, Ontario area, you might recognize some of the background landmarks in some of the outdoor scenes on the show. That’s because not only does Workin' Moms take place in Toronto, but it is also filmed there.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to fans who watched the series from the beginning, when it premiered on Canada’s own CBC Television Network. It’s also likely that fans who were familiar with the show before it made its way to Netflix were mostly part of the series' Canadian audience.


Just because Workin' Moms takes place in Toronto, it doesn't mean these women’s issues are very different from those which other working mothers face all around the world. Like Kate’s ongoing struggle to balance being a devoted mom while fully embracing the logistics of the long hours of the career she had before she ever got pregnant. And Jenny’s marriage troubles, which start when she resents her husband for being a stay-at-home dad when she goes back to work. In some small or big way, most moms have been through what the women of Workin' Moms deal with onscreen and even if you don't live in Toronto, it doesn't make their difficulties any less real.

Catherine Reitman, who plays Kate on Workin’ Moms and also created the show, told Hollywood Life that her inspiration for the series came from being judged as a new mom herself in her Mommy and Me class shortly after having her first child. Instead of taking the judgments of other moms to heart, she channeled it all into a show that paints a vivid picture of how working mothers balance being a mom and working while sometimes feeling like a ticking time bomb in the process.

Even now, as Reitman writes, produces, directs, and co-stars in the show, she continues to face similar challenges of her character on her show.

"There’s several days where I won’t see my kids in a row and the only way I’ll see them is they come and have lunch with me on set," she revealed, "And I can’t really cuddle them because I have hair and makeup and wardrobe on and I’ve got a two-year-old who wants to drool and scream and smash his food into me. It's challenging."

The place where Workin' Moms is set has less importance than the actual content of the show, but because it’s obviously not a metro area commonly found on US television shows, like Los Angeles, or New York City, viewers are likely curious about where these relatable and messy moms are supposed to be from.

If you have to rely on Netflix to get your Workin' Moms fix, then you will have to wait until Aug. 29 to see Season 3, but clearly, this is one of those "it’s funny because it’s true" shows that most moms can relate to.