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Where To Read A Transcript Of The Entire Second Presidential Debate


The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was, as per usual,  full of quotable, meme-worthy moments, and as predicated moderators Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz found themselves in the middle of all it. Afraid you missed one of the debate's defining moments? Well, it's really easy to get a hold of the full transcript of the entire second presidential debate, thanks to Vox.

This debate was structured a little differently than debates of the past. Although Trump and Clinton did receive some questions from the moderators, they also took questions from audience members. According to NBC News, the people chosen to submit questions for and attend the debate were selected because they were undecided voters.

The topic of Trump's 2005 remarks about women, which were leaked by The Washington Post on Friday, came up right at the start of the debate. When Cooper asked Trump about the sexual assault that was implied by recorded coversation between Trump and Billy Bush, Trump responded by side-stepping the question entirely, downplaying the tapes, and then making a bizarre leap into talking about ISIS:

When Clinton responded by calling him out not just for his remarks about women, but about any and all marginalized people, Trump then dragged Bill Clinton into the debate — despite the fact that he is not running for president:

The topics broached at this debate other than Trump's tapes with Billy Bush ran the gamut from Islamophobia, to a brief foray into single-payer healthcare, and the war in Syria.

Clinton recalled the words of Michelle Obama in her response:

There were plenty of other memorable moments from the debate, some of which came not from the candidates, but from the moderators. Raddatz, a seasoned news veteran, became Twitter's hero for keeping the debate in order:

As soon as the debate came to an end, Mike Pence tweeted his support for his running mate, even though some thought might bow out of the campaign. But many others on social media came out to support Clinton. Even though the post-debate polls will continue to run overnight, many think Clinton won the debate. But you'll have to re-watch the second debate or read the transcript to determine the winner yourself.