Heidi Gutman/Bravo

The 'RHONY' Season 10 Reunion Is Sure To Be Dramatic Once Again

by Chrissy Bobic

As longtime fans of The Real Housewives of New York City probably know, the Season 1 reunion was taped at the Russian Tea Room in New York City. But since then, a lot has changed, including some of the core cast members, so where was the RHONY Season 10 reunion filmed? Although it’s hard to find a confirmed location for the actual taping of the three-part reunion, there’s a good chance that it was filmed at the Embassy Row production studio in NYC. The building is also home to Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, so it’s possible that the studio also hosts the RHONY reunions these days. It also makes sense since the studio itself is in NYC, which makes it even easier for the cast to get there. Then again, in the previews, the outside of the venue looks like an old theater, so it's hard to say for certain where it was shot. Though it was more than likely in New York City.

The RHONY Season 10 reunion was filmed in July, so whatever happened during it has been edited and condensed to a few hours of juicy television that these reunions are known for. And, according to Andy Cohen, viewers are in for a lot. "I watched part one on the plane today and it's great," he told Entertainment Tonight at the Television Critics Association press tour. "What's interesting is the women are gunning for Bethenny. They came ready to go with her… It's like a gang bang on Bethenny. Yeah, oh yeah. Big time."

Throughout Season 10, there were some intense highs and lows for everyone on the show which will all be rehashed at the reunion. Although it's already been filmed and isn't a live show, there are still going to be interactions and arguments that fans haven’t seen or heard about yet. And in the preview for the RHONY reunion, it looks like it’s all hands on deck against Bethenny Frankel. At one point in the preview, Carole Radziwill describes the reunion as "a blend of group therapy and torture." Sounds about right.

As usual, the women are holding nothing back. When Sonja Morgan yells at Dorinda Medley, "I don’t get drunk and insult my friends' vaginas," Dorinda claps back with, "Shut up Sonja, keep your mouth shut." And in another clip from the reunion, the other women call out Bethenny for allegedly asking for cameras at Jill Zarin’s husband’s funeral. Cohen is quick to say that Jill requested the cameras herself, but it’s just another example of how very messy things are going to be.

Cohen told Us Weekly that it’s not uncommon for the women to pull him into their fights at times and for him to get himself involved in it too. He’s been an essential part of the Real Housewives world for years and he’s as much a part of the franchise as any of the shows at this point. "Carole Radziwill tells me I’m full of sh*t on the reunion," he revealed to the outlet. "I have complicated relationships going on there, especially at the reunions. I’m the boss, I’m the friend, I’m the confessor, I’m the inquisitor, I’m the daddy, I’m the lover, I’m the fighter. It’s complicated."

Is it wrong that the promise of Cohen getting mixed up in all of the drama makes me want to watch it that much more? As has been the case with past seasons of RHONY, the Season 10 reunion will air in two parts, so there will be plenty of time for the women to air all of their grievances and talk over each other between commercial breaks.