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Where Will JoJo & Jordan Live After 'The Bachelorette'? They Work In Different States

by Chrissy Bobic

On Monday night's season finale of The Bachelorette, we watched a very emotional JoJo Fletcher work through her tears, feelings, fears, and emotions and pick one of her two remaining suitors. And whether you agree with JoJo's decision to be with Jordan Rodgers or not, they're together for the long haul, but now we need to get down to specifics. Like, where will JoJo and Jordan live after The Bachelorette? It sounds weird to think about something so huge now, but for the duration of filming, they had access to each other around the clock. Now, their show has ended and after exchanging phone numbers for what was probably the first time, they needed to exchange addresses and figure out where to live together.

Especially now that JoJo's romantic fate is finally revealed, they don't have to have secret meetings out of the public's eye for fear of spoiling the ending of Season 12 of The Bachelorette. So what happens now? If they already lived in the same state, it would make it so much easier, or of JoJo wasn't an established realtor in Dallas and Jordan hasn't just accepted a Charlotte, North Carolina job with SEC Network. But they now both have careers and lives in separate states, so how will this joint move go down?

I guess the important thing is that Jordan is no longer an "ex pro football player" and that he has an opportunity to grow and develop a new career in sports. But should JoJo have to uproot her life completely in order to move across the country to her new fiance? She did have no problem spending several months in L.A. for The Bachelor and then more for The Bachelorette right after, so maybe her career back home in Dallas is one that she can move, should she need to.

Luckily, JoJo won't need to uproot her life again though, because on the "After The Final Rose" special Monday night, they revealed that they would be moving into their own home together in Dallas. I don't know what this means for Jordan's new career with SEC, so maybe it will be like a jet-setting career that enables him to fly home during the week or on days when there is no football? Either way, the new Bachelorette couple are doing everything to stay together and keep all of the breakup rumors at bay.

So does this mean that JoJo finally found her unicorn? Anything can happen in the next several months, but it's easier to give the couple the benefit of the doubt. JoJo was kind of after him since day one of this season of The Bachelorette, and it's almost like Robby was a place holder because she couldn't just choose Jordan during week one and be done with it. But judging by the legit relationship JoJo and Jordan appear to be in at the moment, it's the life she thinks was meant to choose.