Turns Out, All Sex Positions Are Safe In The 1st Trimester

When I found out I was pregnant, it was because I hadn't been able to eat in two days. Needless to say, debating reverse cowgirl versus missionary wasn't high on any of my lists. As my pregnancy progressed, though, that changed, and I was ready to try my favorite sex positions again. But which sexual positions are safe during the first trimester?

A study conducted by the University of Warsaw found that sexual activity and sexual positions during pregnancy tend to be mandated by preconceived notions that the pregnant couple has before they get pregnant and the cultural taboos they might believe about sex and pregnancy. The study found that 60 percent of couples have significantly less sex when they're pregnant than in the course of their everyday lives.

That's a staggering statistic. Granted, there are other factors contributing to why these couples aren't getting as much action, like the overwhelming lethargy of pregnancy, and nausea that's so bad you'd give away your new iPhone to get rid of it, but a significant number of the couples noted that they were afraid of hurting the baby. Can you hurt the baby while you're having sex? If not, which sexual positions are safe during the first trimester? Because there has to be a few that work, right?

According to the Mayo Clinic, most sexual positions are safe during pregnancy, and it's down to a matter of comfort. Apparently as long as your OB-GYN says that you're OK to have sex, you can feel free to experiment. The Mayo Clinic also noted that certain positions, like lying on your back or any particularly gymnastic moves, might make you uncomfortable, but they're all good as long as you're feeling good.

The article noted, however, that you don't want to go from having anal sex (also OK during pregnancy) to vaginal sex without a cleanup. The germs that exist in your rectum should not be introduced to your vagina, as it's not healthy for you or your baby. Also, you should not let your partner blow on or in your vagina, according to the Mayo Clinic. This can cause a rare, but deadly problem called an "air embolism," so just avoid that.

Otherwise, step into your cowgirl boots or your best missionary dress and then step right back out of them because you're good to go — if you want to, that is. You can always just Netflix with less chill if you're not up for the full rodeo.