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If You're Having Trouble With Instagram Questions, Try This Simple Fix

You've probably noticed that Instagram stories got a little update this week. Most likely, you've seen many people using the new questions sticker to ask their followers various questions. In fact, memes have started appearing to poke fun at just how many questions are being asked across Instagram stories. Since the feature is new, you might be wondering, who can answer my Instagram questions? Because it's really tempting to ask one, but you don't want a bunch of random content happening on your feed.

The good news is that anyone who sees your story and has the latest version of the Instagram app can respond to your question (with their own question). You then are the only one who can answer your followers's questions. If you're not able to answer or ask a question to someone, it's probably because you haven't updated your app since the new feature debuted July 10th. That's a relatively easy fix in order to jump on the question bandwagon.

If you're still new to the update, here's a primer. In order to ask a question or put a call out for your followers to as you questions, you'll need to choose something other peope can respond to. Take a photo or video of something to post, then grab the questions sticker from your sticker tray. This question will appear each time you post a reply you recieved, so you might want to give it some thoughtful consideration. The responses you receive will appear in the same place where you can check how many people have viewed your story.

You can pick and choose which questions you want to answer, so you don't have to answer the annoying questions from your little brother who's stuck in his first terrible office job and has nothing to do but bother you with questions.

Feel free to ignore those, but if you want to share an answer to a question with your followers, you can simply tap that question to share it to your story. The name and handle of the person who asked the question won't show up in your story; that will be kept anonymous. However, the user receiving the question does get to see who asked it. So in that sense, Instagram questions aren't fully anonymous.

The only truly tricky part about sharing your answer to a question you asked is that you then have to choose a clever photo to accompany it, or you can record a video response. Some Instagram influencers have set this bar high! I for one can't find the time to post a regular photo to Instagram, let alone search my archives for the photo that will accompany an answer perfectly.

If you're not feeling brave about asking a question of your followers, you can still participate in the latest and greatest from Instagram by asking a question of someone you follow. But keep in mind, those questions aren't anonymous, so keep them on the up and up or you might just get blocked.

Whether you have an Android or iPhone device, you should be able to ask and answer Instagram questions. If you aren't able to, check that you have update 52 to Instagram and you should be all set.

Then the only decisions you'll have left to make are whether you love or hate the new Instagram questions feature, and what you might ask your followers if you are pretty sure you don't hate the new Instagram questions feature. No matter what way you cut it, Instagram questions might just keep you busy all weekend.