Photos Of Joseph & Kendra Duggar's Baby Boy Are Scarce, But Who Does Little Garrett Look Like?

The Duggar family genes are strong. This has been very clear over the past few years when the older siblings from the family of 19 have gone on to have kids of their own — and you can't argue with the fact that those babies look exactly like them. But since Joseph and Kendra Duggar welcomed their son, Garrett David, earlier this summer, people have to be wondering: Who does Joseph and Kendra Duggar's baby look like?

Kendra gave birth to the couple's first child on June 9, according to People, and the family could not have been more excited at the time. "We are so thankful for his safe arrival and this new journey as parents," the couple told People at the time.

This means that the little boy will be turning 4 months old very soon. But just because Garrett is celebrating this awesome milestone doesn't mean that Duggar fans will be seeing an update photo of him. Unlike his married sisters and brother, Joseph and Kendra are not on social media. So, they don't post photos of their little boy for everyone to see and fawn over.

This means that fans aren't able to constantly compare photos of the little boy to photos of his parents and family members. And that's a bit of a bummer, because it's so much fun to do.

At the moment, it's super rare for people (other than the members of Joseph and Kendra's families) to actually see photos of Garrett. The only time that fans have seen him has been when he was a newborn and just a few days old. People got to see Garrett when he was born during Joe and Kendra's birth special, shared on TLC's website. And in the days after his birth, the Duggar family posted this collage (straight from the birthing special) to their family's Instagram account, while TLC shared a super cute photo of the happy family on their website. In all of these photos, Garrett has his eyes closed, making it just a little hard to see if he has his mom's eyes or his dad's.

On last week's episode of Counting On, fans were finally able to watch Kendra give birth to her son on TV. Although the baby's birth was a little emotional (Kendra had a hard time pushing towards the end of her delivery), Kendra and Joseph could not have been any happier to finally see their son for the first time.

"Just getting to hold him and see his sweet little face, and I don't know how to describe that moment," Kendra said, during the episode.

But during this episode, fans were also able to see glimpses of Garrett that they hadn't before — even if he was only a few days old at the time. Although neither Joseph or Kendra explicitly stated in the episode which parent Garrett looks like, I personally think he favors Kendra (you can see it in his eyes). Even Joseph's older sister, Jana, thinks so, too.

"He doesn't quite look like you," Jana said to Joseph, in the episode. "He looks like a mixture."

"We'll see," Jana said. "Maybe over time he'll look more like a Duggar."

It's been a few months since Garrett's birth — and he definitely could be taking after one parent or another. But fans don't know for sure. Unfortunately, they will only have to rely on the official Duggar family Facebook page and Instagram account to provide updates on Joseph and Kendra's baby boy.

Until then, fans will just have to take Jana's word for which parent he resembles the most.