Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Owen Finally Knows Who He Wants To Be With On 'Grey's Anatomy'

by Chrissy Bobic

After a season of romantic highs and lows on Grey's Anatomy, I am so eager for the love triangles to be over. So when Owen told his therapist that he knows who he loves and hopes she feels the same way, it was the breakthrough we all needed. But who does Owen love on Grey's Anatomy? There are only two women in his life right now and at least one of them is still in love with him. Amelia, on the other hand, could go either way. She has struggled with her feelings for Owen for a while now and if he says that he loves her, then her own feelings for him might come bubbling to the surface.

We know where Teddy stands, however. She declared her love for Owen last week, so she would likely be all in. But as much as Owen seems to know what he wants (and who he wants), he could surprise everyone. Looking back at the women Owen was with this season, Amelia and Teddy are the only real contenders for being endgame for him. He had a fling with Caterina, but they never went beyond some hot and heavy hookups. Owen really only went back and forth between Amelia and Teddy and right now, I can only see him ending up with one of them.

Since Amelia and Teddy are both in relationships, that might make things a little complicated, but if it means Owen has finally made up his mind, then bring on the impending heartbreak.

Owen and Teddy make the most sense, if you ask me. They were friends for years before they developed romantic feelings for each other at different points in their lives. Every time Teddy came into the picture, those feelings were reignited for both of them, regardless of who they were with at the time. Owen went through two wives on Grey's Anatomy before he finally slept with Teddy, but his feelings always seemed to be there in the back of his mind.

Teddy was arguably in love with Owen long before he developed feelings for her, but she allowed herself to be continuously friend-zoned. I guess that means she really was in love with him all along, if she was always willing to put his feelings first. And ever since she came to town, pregnant with Owen's baby, it seemed like there was something looming between them. It would make sense for Owen to finally have a wakeup call about his true feelings for Teddy above anyone else.

I wouldn't totally rule out Amelia, though. Last week, Link asked her if she is ready to completely leave Owen behind and be in a real relationship with him and she couldn't give him a definite answer. If there was no way that she is in love with Owen, it might have been easier to say yes to Link and a new relationship.

But since there seems to be a little wiggle room on Amelia's part, it's possible that Owen realized that he loves her and wants to be with her instead of Teddy. He went back and forth between the women for the better part of the season and it was Amelia who finally broke things off with him last. Owen's breakthrough could very well have been about his feelings for Amelia.

It would be kind of heartbreaking for Teddy to tell Owen she loves him right before she has his baby, only for him to tell her that he wants to be with Amelia. Since this is Grey's Anatomy, though, I wouldn't put it past the show to pull that. If the goal is to finally put a lid on this love triangle once and for all, then Owen and Teddy will officially be endgame. Either way, I'm sure he will finally tell the woman he loves what his true feelings are in tonight's finale.