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Who Has The Round Trip Ticket On 'Big Brother 18'? Time Is Running Out To Use It

Big Brother 18 has been all about the new twists this season. From the short-lived Roadkill Challenge to the brand-new America's Care Package in the latter half of the season, BB18 has thrown all kinds of wrenches into the game we've all become familiar with. One of the latest twists (and potentially the most game-changing) is the "Round Trip Ticket" twist, allowing one houseguest who is unknowingly holding the card to turn around and go right back into the house if they're evicted. But who has the round trip ticket on Big Brother 18?

Update: It was revealed on August 18 that Paul held the round trip ticket.

To recap: The round trip ticket was part of the "Secret Room" twist. The secret room was introduced by host Julie Chen to the audience after the Battle Back Competition episode on July 22. There were clues about the secret room and its location hidden all around the house – none of which the houseguests noticed until the monitor in the living room flat-out read "Clues to the secret are all around you."

"Your Boy" Paul Abrahamian was the first to solve the set of clues and find the secret room, which was filled with the "Big Brother Airlines" sealed envelopes. He had his first pick of the envelopes, but every other houseguest solved the secret shortly after he did, so they all got envelopes as well – meaning one of them is definitely holding the round trip ticket back into the house. The caveat, of course (because this is Big Brother and there's always a caveat), is that the tickets have an expiration date – August 18.

The round trip ticket has yet to be revealed in Julie's interviews with the two evictees that have left the house since the twist was revealed – both Da'Vonne Rogers and Frank Eudy had a one-way ticket, rather than the coveted round trip, when they left the house. That means that someone still in the house still has the ticket. It could be absolutely anyone, but the ticket might not even end up getting used – if the holder of the ticket isn't eliminated by August 18, the ticket becomes null, and won't be able to be used for voiding eliminations after next week's.

Here are the candidates who would cause the most drama if they were to be evicted and then immediately come back into the house with the round trip ticket.

Michelle Meyer

Michelle is on the block this week, and the odds that she'll go home seem about equal to the odds that it'll be Zakiyah heading out the door. But Michelle is 100% on the warpath after recognizing that Paulie is running the house – something that, inexplicably, nobody has bothered to remedy yet, many weeks into the season. If Michelle is sent packing during this week's live eviction episode and ends up holding the round trip ticket that'll let her go right back in, odds are she'll be gunning for Paulie.

Zakiyah Everette

Similarly, Zakiyah is at risk of going home during this week's live eviction. Like Michelle, she's realized some unpleasant things about Paulie. Unlike Michelle, Z was once super close to Paulie (and still is, sorta?) but was essentially betrayed by him when he opted not to use to Power of Veto to save her from eviction. If Z gets voted out but has the round-trip ticket, I'd be willing to be that she'd set her sights on taking down Paulie first.

Paulie Calafiore

It definitely doesn't *seem* like Paulie is in any danger of being evicted anytime soon. The dude is a competition beast, winning Head of Household and Veto comps week after week – and even managing to still run things via his strong social game when others win HoH and PoV. But if somebody decides to turn on Paulie – say, Victor and Paul, if they find out about Paulie attempting to work against them to get Michelle out instead of Zakiyah – and he comes right back into the house after an August 18 eviction with a round trip ticket? All hell would break loose.

Victor Arroyo

This option isn't so much "drama" as "How hilarious would it be if Victor came back for a second time after being eliminated again on August 18?". So hilarious.