Ashley's Boyfriend On 'Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant' Is Ready For The Responsibilities Of Fatherhood

When your segment on an MTV docu-series starts off with a straight up war between your family and the family of your soon-to-be baby’s mother, it kind of sets the tone. For Ashley Jones and her boyfriend on the newest Teen Mom installment, that’s the case, so they definitely didn't have it easy starting off. But who is Ashley dating on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant? Unlike the younger moms of previous shows in the franchise, Ashley is already 20 years old, so she’s definitely not a teenage mother and her boyfriend, Bariki (Bar) Smith isn’t underage either. They actually lived together in Las Vegas before discovering that Ashley was pregnant with their daughter, Holly. However, it seems as though Bar's side of the family is proving to be a great source of drama as the couple try to adjust to parenthood.

In the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premiere, there was a lot of focus on Bar’s relationship with his mom and while she and Ashley don’t seem to get along, like at all, he wasn't above calling them both out for the negative effect their relationship had on not only the baby shower planning, but the event itself. Although he’s young and still apparently trying to figure things out, though, it seems like Bar had no problem stepping into the role of expectant dad. And, judging by his Instagram, he’s still entirely devoted to both Ashley and Holly.

For Bar, it seemed only natural for him to continue to build his relationship with Ashley. As he told his mom on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, "I plan on building a future with her. You rock for me hard and that girl rocks for me real hard too." This basically confirms the fact that his relationship with Ashley isn't going to be ending anytime soon, despite his close relationship with his mom.

Although the show has yet to air its entire first season, in November 2017, Bar even proposed to Ashley, which she later posted on social media. So any issues related to her relationship with his mom (whether or not the hostility between the two of them is still going on after filming), that doesn't seem to have deterred Bar from feeling ready to fully commit to Ashley. In the show, Ashley is going to school in order to get a steady job for herself while Bar continues to be on the lookout for any work opportunities that present themselves.

The most important thing about Bar and Ashley is that they’ve been able to remain together and start to build their life together with their baby, despite all of the family drama that seems to follow them. And as long as the series gets a second season and keeps the same set of young moms, fans will be able to continue to follow their story for years to come.

Whatever Bar and Ashley's relationship status, it's clear the two are both head over heels for their daughter.

Editor's note: This post has been updated with Bar's updated Instagram account.