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Bill Burr's Wife Is A Good Sport As A Subject Of 'Paper Tiger' On Netflix

If you haven’t yet watched Bill Burr’s Netflix comedy special, Paper Tiger, you might want to do so with a certain open-mindedness. He delves into everything, from feminism and politics to his wife’s love of The Real Housewives and he doesn't hold back. Most of the jokes at others' expense are for shock value and despite poking fun at his wife, she has continued to support him through all of his comedic ventures. But who is Bill Burr’s wife? Paper Tiger runs the gambit with Burr’s jokes and some of those are about his wife, Nia Renèe Hill, who knows a thing or two about comedy herself.

In fact, you might know her best as the voice behind Georgia Roosevelt on F Is for Family, which was co-created by Burr. She also had a two-episode arc on Santa Clarita Diet and was in the 2013 TV movie Divorce: A Love Story. But it takes a special kind of woman to sit back and listen to her husband make jokes about what is essentially, to him, her stereotypical nagging wife tendencies, and to laugh along with him.

I guess it comes with the territory when you’re married to a comedian who makes his living doing just that. And since Hill has her own experience with his brand of comedy, I’m sure it helps them work well together.

Hill and Burr got married in 2013 and just had their first child together in 2017. And, despite Burr being quick to make jokes about fatherhood and being a husband, he told Boston Magazine in 2017 that he was grateful to give his wife a child.

"Anything you can do that will make your wife happy is a great thing, and that’s about the greatest thing you can do," Burr said, of becoming a parent with Hill. "I was worried that I was too old to do it, so the fact that the plumbing still worked was a relief."

Judging by Hill’s Instagram, she shares her husband’s sentiments on being a parent with him and they seem to have a good dynamic. She regularly posts photos of their daughter or photos with Burr and her Twitter is full of support for not only Burr, but her fellow comedian friends.

She’s also a Beyoncé fan, so that gives her major cool points with the majority of the world’s population. And although she sometimes lives the jetsetter life as an actress, she can also do totally normal things like make a Twitter poll asking followers if she should go swimming or enjoy the air conditioning inside and tweet about making chicken wings and shaving off her husband’s mustache. Seriously — when are they available for a double date?

Hill and Burr are definitely couples goals. They seem to have mastered the perfect work/life balance and if Hill can still totally support her husband after he jokes about her tearing him down as a person even though he tries to be a good husband and father on Paper Tiger, they obviously have the kind of repertoire that works for them.

It’s unclear what Hill has planned next for her own career, but as an F Is for Family cast member along with Burr, she will likely have a home on the Netflix show for as long as she wants it. Maybe in the future Hill will venture into stand-up herself, but for now, she seems content to make jokes just as much as her husband and at his expense too, but without the added pressure of commanding an arena of thousands of audience members.

Paper Tiger is now streaming on Netflix.