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Bri From 'The Bachelor' Has An Interesting Career

Even though there’s a different batch of contestants who file through the Bachelor Manson each season, the dates typically consist of the same candlelit dinners, adventurous activities, and romantic background music. But if contestant Brianna Amaranthus’ interests are any indication of how she likes her dates, she’s going to fit in quite nicely this season. That being said, who is Bri on The Bachelor?

This contestant's Bachelor bio is basically a testament to your typical Bachelor dates and that could work well for her this season. She listed her ideal date as "Great conversation, fun activity, good glass of wine with a view." Cue Bri and Arie Luyendyk Jr. sitting across from each other in a dimly lit French bistro with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower out of the window between them. She also said that two of the items on her bucket list are seeing the Northern Lights and riding a hot air balloon over Napa Valley, which are both activities I feel like I’ve already seen on The Bachelor, or close to them. So if the producers give her and Arie the perfect Bachelor date and they hit it off really well, then it's basically a recipe for true love, right?

Aside from being an obvious romantic, Bri has worked for NBC Sports Northwest for the past five years and is an Emmy-winning reporter. And while Arie might not be a full-time race car driver anymore, it probably wouldn't be too difficult for the pair to find some things to talk about once they’ve opened up about their families and general interests.

Since she works for NBC Northwest, it's not very surprising to learn that Bri is also from Oregon. So if she and Arie do end up together at the end of the season and she moves to Arizona, it will be hard to take the Oregon out of the girl. As her Instagram will show you, Bri is also pretty handy with a chainsaw in the forest and has repelled down waterfalls for sport.

Her work takes her on the road more often than not, so it’s hard to say how that might change or alter if Arie proposes to Bri at the end of the season. But that's something I'm sure they'd be able to figure out and make work.

I also don’t think there will be a problem with Bri and the other women this season, as it seems like she’s already made at least one new BFF while filming.

In a photo she posted of herself and fellow Bachelor Season 22 contestant Lauren Jarreau, Bri wrote "So much love for this #bachelor babe," and there’s another photo of Bri with Lauren and two other Season 22 contestants, Jessica Carroll and Ali Harrington, proving that 22 seasons later, contestants are still taking lasting friendships with them when they leave, even if they don’t end up with that final rose. Regardless, it makes you want to root for Bri, knowing that she may not be one of the more competitive women this season.

It’s still too early to call it yet on who wins The Bachelor Season 22, unless of course you’re into spoilers, but Bri definitely seems like the type of person to breeze through the first few rose ceremonies at least, given her obvious romantic side and interesting career. And if she doesn't end up being one of the women who don’t make it to hometown dates at the end of the season, at least she’ll be leaving with some new friends.

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