Cara Is Single On 'Siesta Key' But She's Over Alex's Games

Just when things were all calm on the homefront for Alex, Chloe had to shake things up in a major way and bring in Cara, Alex’s ex, on Siesta Key Season 2. At this point, it might be easier to list all of the women who Alex *hasn’t* yet dated. And although she made it clear that she isn't in town to mess up his finally stable relationship with Juliette, viewers might be wondering who Cara is dating on Siesta Key or if she does still have eyes for Alex.

In the Season 2 premiere, Chloe reasoned that since Juliette had neglected their friendship while being with Alex full-time, she didn't see the harm in bringing another friend to Alex’s birthday party. "Why not invite Cara?" Chloe said in the episode. "Alex has slept with the whole town. What's one more girl?" That’s a fair enough point, but we all know that Chloe knew exactly what she was doing in inviting a friend who also happens to be Alex’s ex-girlfriend from college.

Thankfully, Cara said in the episode that she "always saw through his bullsh-t" and insisted that Juliette has nothing to worry about. I honestly didn't see any new sparks flying between the exes either, so I’m inclined to believe her.

It seems like Cara is happy living that single life since it doesn't look like any new boyfriend has made it into her Instagram yet. And honestly, that’s so refreshing to see, if only because it means there’s less of a chance of more relationship drama on the show.

Just because Cara hasn't posted any Instagram photos with a boyfriend doesn’t mean she isn't dating, but it's safe to say that she likely isn't seriously seeing anyone. There is a picture on her Instagram with fellow Siesta Key star Garrett from back in July, but it’s the only photo of the two of them alone together, so I wouldn't look too much into it.

Last week on Siesta Key, Garrett and Cara did go on a date, however, which could have been the start of whatever they had. But since neither have said anything about a relationship after the season wrapped filming, there’s a good chance their fling was short-lived.

Other than that, Cara spends most of her free time with friends rather than looking for a new romance. On Siesta Key, Juliette might think otherwise since she told Cara that just by being there, it would mean trouble for her relationship with Alex. Cara seems to have a good head on her shoulders and, thankfully, it doesn't look like she’s going to be part of another Alex love triangle.

Unfortunately, whether Cara wants to be part of the drama or not, Chloe’s chess pieces are all falling into place. Cara might be off on aquarium dates with Garrett, but the seeds of doubt have already been planted in Juliette’s mind thanks to Chloe bringing Cara to town in the first place.

Despite Cara’s assurances to Juliette that she doesn't have any unresolved interest in Alex, Juliette told Alex, "I don't think you get how much it sucks that you slept with all these people I know. It's a constant reminder." If she didn't already have to see Kelsey and Madisson every day, Juliette now has Cara, another one of Alex’s exes, in their inner circle.

No matter who Cara dates this season and afterward, she will probably always have drama with Alex and Juliette. The best case scenario is that Juliette believes Cara when she says she isn't interested in Siesta Key’s biggest playboy, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Right now, it looks like she’s single, but as Season 2 progresses, Cara and Garrett could get closer.