Cara On 'Siesta Key' Is A Familiar Face From One Cast Member's Past

Being the new kid on the block is never easy. And neither is being the new cast member on a reality show full of drama like Cara is on Siesta Key. She’s the newest addition to the cast this season and although she hasn't been around the cameras as long as some of the other stars of the show, Cara on Siesta Key is fitting in just fine so far. That might be because prior to being added to the cast, Cara was Alex’s girlfriend in college.

Alex has since moved on relationship-wise and things seem to be on the right track with Juliette. After tons of ups and downs, they finally seem ready to make their relationship work. This might be why drama-starter Chloe introduced Cara to the rest of the cast, but maybe she just wanted to bring a new BFF into the fold. Either way, Cara’s presence is bound to stir up trouble whether Cara herself wants to or not. This is Siesta Key, after all. You can't spell "20-somethings-who-love-cocktail-hour-and-Snapchat" without "drama." OK, maybe you can but you get my point.

Although it’s unclear how Chloe and Cara became so close outside of the show, Chloe does seem to still be the cast member Cara is closest with. She’s the only one featured in any of Cara’s photos on her Instagram that aren't directly linked to the show. As Chloe explained on Siesta Key, what was the harm in bringing in some new blood when she felt neglected by Juliette after Alex came back into the picture full-time?

To explain why she introduced Cara to the rest of the group. Chloe said, "For the last few months, [Juliette] hasn't texted me once to get dinner or hang out. It's almost like she was trying to be such good friends with me just to get with Alex. Since Juliette doesn't hang out with me anymore, why not invite Cara? Alex has slept with the whole town. What's one more girl?"

According to MTV, Cara is from New Jersey but has a beach house in Siesta Key. She also has a personal chef at said beach house and, by all accounts, seems to be immune to Alex’s, um, charms.

"I always saw through his bullsh*t," Cara said on the show. "The Alex Kompo that I know — once a dog, always a dog. Like, that kid's never going to change." Although Cara appears over Alex and the relationship drama he might have brought with him, Juliette is more territorial than ever and clearly hoping to be able to hang onto her (finally) steady relationship.

Cara might have that swanky beach house on Siesta Key, but I'd imagine she divides her time between New Jersey and Florida. Her LinkedIn lists her current place of employment as The Shauger Group, Inc., a construction company in New Jersey where she’s worked as a human resources assistant since Oct. 2018. I don't think Juliette will have to worry about Cara stepping in to take her place next to Alex anytime soon for that reason alone.

But Cara might also have a new beau of her own. She posted a single photo on her Instagram with fellow Siesta Key star Garrett and one on his own Instagram with the caption, "Sunshine on my mind." So, you know, that's pretty suspicious.

Editor's Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

If Cara has officially moved on from Alex, maybe she and Juliette can squash their beef sooner rather than later and simmer down some of the recent drama. I know that would go against everything the show is about, but it would still be nice.