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Someone Is In Grave Danger On 'How To Get Away With Murder'

So far, there have basically been crumbs given out to help fans try and figure out what’s going on in the flash forward on How to Get Away with Murder, but that’s usually the way the mystery of the season goes. But this year, not only do viewers have to wonder where Laurel’s baby is, they're also left to grapple with another important question: who is dead in the flash forward on HTGAWM Season 4? There could be another big loss coming and I don’t know if it will be of the same magnitude as losing Wes in Season 3, but in the flash forward, Michaela refers to a male, asking Isaac if "he’s dead."

At first guess, naturally I assumed (and feared) that she was talking about Laurel’s baby, since Laurel revealed to Annalise that she’s having a boy and also because there’s been so much emphasis on her baby in the flash forward that there’s really no other male the focus has been on yet. However, would Michaela be this distraught over the loss of Laurel’s baby? Of course, she’d be sad for her friend and fellow member of the Keating Four, but in the flash forward on HTGAWM Season 4, Michaela was almost unrecognizable at first. So, could Asher be dead in the future instead?

Aside from Connor, Asher is the closest person to Michaela and someone that she would primarily be distraught over. Redditor weightlossneededasap recently posted their theory that not only is Asher the person who is dead, but that Laurel’s dad is the one to blame. If Michaela really is going to help Laurel uncover the truth about her dad and his part in having Wes killed, it’s entirely possible that he finds out their plan and hurts Michaela is the harshest way in order to wound her and hopefully make her back off.

The redditor also pointed out that in the flash forward, Michaela had blood on her that wasn’t her own and added that it’s possible that the blood in the elevator has nothing to do with Laurel’s baby, but instead possibly something with Asher being attacked at Annalise’s apartment.

While I can’t imagine losing one of the only beams of light on an otherwise dark show, if Asher is dead, it would certainly make sense for Michaela to be so distraught by it and want to help Laurel even more. Fortunately, this isn't Game of Thrones and in most cases, the core members of the cast are pretty much safe, but Wes dying during Season 3 sort of opened the door for more unexpected and shocking deaths, which makes it entirely possible for the potential death in the flash forward to be Asher’s.

It’s also possible, however, that the person Michaela believes to be dead in the flash forward is Nate. There’s been a lot more focus on him this season, especially with his connection to Bonnie and their bond over hating Annalise. The way Michaela says in the flash forward that "Everyone around us dies" makes it seem like more of an outsider and not part of the "us" she’s talking about, so while Asher’s death would devastate her like she seems to be in the flash forward, it could also be someone like Nate who’s dead.

There’s still a lot to learn about the HTGAWM Season 4 flash forward, but as the small bits of information come out, it will become more and more obvious who is dead and who is still alive, including the location and fate of Laurel’s baby. And I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be hoping they can all make it out of this season alive.

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