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Garrett From 'The Bachelorette' Just Revealed He Was Married

Say what you will about shows like The Bachelorette being predictable, but no one really saw it coming when frontrunner Garrett Yrigoyen revealed to Becca Kufrin that he was once married. So who is Garrett's first wife before The Bachelorette? He was married at least two years before he came on the show, so it definitely wasn't a recent thing, but his past marriage is still a part of his romantic history and could mean some uncertainty on Becca's part.

According to Hollywood Life, Garrett was married to a woman named Kayla Cunningham before their divorce was finalized in 2016, mere months after their wedding. Prior to The Bachelorette season 14 premiere, Chris Harrison did tease during the Facebook Live contestant reveal that Garrett’s romantic past would be part of his story this season, but that it wouldn't interfere too much with his growing relationship with Becca.

Luckily, that probably means that Garrett’s former marriage really is in the past, but that certainly doesn't stop any of us from wondering about who Garrett was married to before The Bachelorette — and what happened exactly. Obviously only time will tell if Garrett reveals more about his past with Becca, and really he probably should if they're going to have a solid future together.

A friend of Cunningham’s allegedly spoke to Life & Style magazine about the former couple’s relationship and it does sound like things were as dysfunctional as Garrett told Becca they were, only not necessarily in the same way. "He's a nice guy at first, but [Becca] needs to watch out," the friend warned of Garrett’s past behavior. She claimed that after his marriage to Cunningham, he demanded not only half of all of their belongings, but also money.

On the flip side, Garrett told Becca of his ex, "She was very emotionally abusive… she would take me down emotionally and then build me back up." He also told Becca that Cunningham "drove a wedge" between himself and his family before their eventual divorce.

It’s not clear which account is the true story of Garrett’s marriage before going on The Bachelorette and meeting Becca, but at the very least, his past relationships probably won’t play a huge role in his time on the show this season.

With anyone else, you might be able to go back a few dozen posts in their Instagram and learn about an ex, but Garrett has scrubbed his Instagram clean for the most part. So much so that his oldest post is now from the nigh of The Bachelorette premiere. So no, there are no photos of Garrett with his ex-wife, but it's safe to assume that whatever they had is long done and over with, especially since their marriage was short-lived. Thankfully, there will be no wonder about whether or not Garrett is here "for the right reasons."

It's hard to really know for certain who Garrett's first wife before The Bachelorette is since she isn't in the public eye herself and finding her exact social media profiles is a bit tricky, but she was obviously the most serious serious partner Garrett has ever had. Because their marriage was over long before he auditioned for The Bachelorette, though, it's safe to say that he's over the relationship and ready to move on in a very real way. Becca is definitely no rebound woman and in this case, it doesn't look like that's how Garrett sees her either.

The good news is that Garrett got it all out now and that the divorce wasn't something that happened right before The Bachelorette. And since Becca is all about honesty, it was definitely a good call to mention the previous marriage sooner rather than later.

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