Mila On 'Below Deck Mediterranean' May Be At The Center Of This Season's Drama

Six years ago, it might have seemed impossible that a network could make an entire reality show out of the life of the crew of a luxury yacht. But six seasons later and Below Deck has even spawned a spin-off, Below Deck Mediterranean, which premieres its fourth season tonight on Bravo. The cast generally changes a bit each season, so as to be expected, there are a few newbies this season, including Mila Kolomeitseva. It already seems like she’s going to make waves (no pun intended), so fans will probably be wondering who Mila is on Below Deck Mediterranean.

The new chef will make history as the show’s first ever female chef, so no pressure or anything. All eyes would have already been on her as a new cast member, but now that she is the series’ first female chef to take the reins on the yacht, it means there will be even more focus and higher expectations that she do a killer job. Case in point — Hannah isn't about to let Mila off the hook for any poorly constructed meal and judging by the Season 4 trailer, the two women are going to butt heads in a major way.

In the trailer, Hannah tells Mila that she’s a bad cook and the two women have words in the kitchen. I’m guessing it won't be the last time the women get into it this season, but already, Mila doesn't seem like she’s one to back down easily. That’s probably a good thing since Hannah is a Below Deck Mediterranean OG and she, too, isn't about to concede to anyone, least of all a newcomer.

According to Mila’s Bravo bio, she studied cooking at the Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in Paris. Since Season 4 primarily takes place in Paris, she was probably the perfect choice for a new yacht chef. This isn't her first rodeo as a boat chef either, as Mila has worked in a similar atmosphere before. Though it's safe to say that it was nowhere near as dramatic, given that it wasn't filmed for a reality show.

Mila’s bio also says that she has a "short fuse in the galley," so don't be surprised if she is at the center of the drama more often than not this season. She is shown getting under more than one of her co-star’s skin in the season trailer. At one point after or during a night out, Mila makes a remark about not wanting to see her son see two men kiss each other, and that seems to rub some of the others the wrong way. Maybe it was somehow taken out of context, but it looks like Mila will be a pot stirrer this season whether she means to be or not.

Mila definitely has a strong enough personality to stand up to her yacht co-workers and Below Deck co-stars. In one promo for the season, she tells someone that if they don't like her food, they can cook it themselves. "I want people to know that I have my opinions and I don't take sh*t," she tells the camera. I’m both nervous and excited to see how hard she and Hannah butt heads this season.

It’s hard to say if Mila will be on the show for just one season, especially if Paris cuisine is her specialty and she was brought on simply because the yacht will travel around Paris this season. If she can make a few friends, however, and she doesn't end up in an all out war with the majority of her fellow yachties, then it’s possible that Mila will be a permanent fixture on Below Deck Mediterranean.