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Scott On 'The Bachelorette' Might Still Have A Girlfriend Back Home

One of the worst things you can do as a Bachelorette contestant is to go on the show with a secret girlfriend back home. Unfortunately, that seems to be what Scott did, despite designing a mock dream home with Hannah and totally wooing her in the process. But who is Scott's girlfriend outside of The Bachelorette? He definitely has some explaining to do and there's no way Hannah is going to let this slide.

In tonight's season premiere of The Bachelorette, Demi told Hannah that someone messaged her on social media and let her know that Scott still has a girlfriend back home. When Hannah confronted Scott, he initially denied everything, but finally admitted that up until Monday before filming began, he had been seeing someone. According to Demi, he had promised the girlfriend back home that he would see her again once he finished filming The Bachelorette, so as much as he claimed that he ended things right before he went on the show, there was definitely something there.

Scott's girlfriend back home may not have been someone he was serious about, but she was someone who had been seeing Scott before he went on The Bachelorette and they might have been seeing each other regularly for him to allegedly make a promise to be with her again after The Bachelorette. Scott told Hannah that he didn't see anything with this woman in the long-term, but the fact that he'd had a girlfriend so recently before filming just didn't sit with her. She sent him home on the spot, and rightfully so.

Honestly, it was kind of amazing the way Hannah wasted no time in confronting Scott about his girlfriend back home. She stood her ground and even when Scott claimed that he had broken things off with this other woman, Hannah told him to leave. As she pointed out, Scott being there wasn't fair to Hannah, the other men, or this woman back home. It's not clear if Scott went home and back to this woman or if she was indeed someone he wasn't very serious about. But going on The Bachelorette with a big dark secret like that is a definite no-no. If nothing else, this might have hopefully taught all of Hannah's other men that she isn't here to play this season.

I also think that Demi should get some major friendship points for totally having Hannah's back about Scott and his secret girlfriend back home who he was apparently keeping on the back burner. Demi came right to Hannah with the information she had been given about Scott's girlfriend and she didn't wait until Hannah had already started to fall for Scott herself or wasted any roses on him. If Hannah is my new hero for giving Scott the boot, then Demi and Katie are my new standards for BFFs.

Scott's girlfriend back home might still be a mystery to Hannah, but I don't think it necessarily matters who she is. Like Hannah, she was led to believe that she was important to Scott and it's kind of heartbreaking all around. Luckily, Hannah was able to grow from the experience and it's probably a lot easier to deal with a betrayal like that early on in the season rather than later, after people catch feelings. Obviously Hannah is much better off without Scott, but to be honest, whoever his girlfriend is back home probably is too.

Thankfully, this is likely the last we've seen of Scott and Hannah can continue to narrow her men down to those who she sees a real future with. Hopefully there are no major hiccups like this again, because being here for the *wrong reasons* just isn't cool.