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Steve Gold's Girlfriend On 'Million Dollar Listing New York' Has Fans Curious

It’s not uncommon for some of the realtors’ lives on Million Dollar Listing New York to seep into the show in between penthouse showings and townhome sales. But when Steve Gold announced he had a baby with his girlfriend, some fans heard a mental record scratch and had to ask who Steve Gold’s girlfriend is on Million Dollar Listing. Not many even knew he was involved with someone, let alone expecting a baby and he and girlfriend Luiza Gawlowska chose to keep their baby a secret until she was born in June.

In August, Steve told Page Six, "We were telling people, but just not broadcasting it to the world." He explained that they wanted to keep the news to themselves for as long as they could, which is understandable of new parents. But if you were one of those who were surprised he even had a girlfriend, don’t beat yourself up. They met in August 2018 and not many people knew about their fast romance at the time either.

Steve and Luiza met on a flight to London and Steve told Us Weekly, it was "interest at first sight." So they went into things with an open mind, but not with the idea that they had already fallen for each other just being seeing the other one from across a crowded plane. Still, it didn't take long for things to heat up and progress between them.

They went on their first date in London and then met up again in Monte Carlo and Ibiza. By then, they were smitten. "He said, 'Oh, I think we have a problem,'" Luiza told Us Weekly in the same interview. "I said, 'Why?' He said, 'I think we’re in love with each other.'"

Steve added that although they moved fast at the start of their relationship, it feels like it was meant to be with Luiza. "I couldn’t expect falling in love with someone from another country, moving in together, having our little family," he said. "I think I’m more myself with her than I am by myself, if that makes sense. I become who I used to be as a kid, more fun-loving."

Although Luiza is from London, she moved in with Steve in New York City the February following their initial meeting and from there, they began living in domestic bliss. There isn’t much known about Steve’s girlfriend or how much she will be featured on Season 8 of Million Dollar Listing New York, but her Instagram shows how much she loves her life with Steve and their new baby and it’s adorable.

Luiza was featured in a 2016 issue of Elléments Magazine as a model, so she likely spent most of her time traveling for work before she met and moved in with Steve. For right now, however, she seems to be enjoying life as a new mom. She also shares a couple of dogs with Steve, so I guess they were technically parents of fur babies before their baby girl arrived in June.

Now that the cat is out of the bag and fans know all about Steve’s girlfriend and baby on Million Dollar Listing New York, it's hard to say how it will impact their relationship, if at all. It’s clear they were enjoying their bubble for a little while, but you can't be the star of a Bravo reality show without having important parts of your life leak out at some point. Still, they seem to have found something special with each other and even though fans still have a million questions about Steve’s girlfriend, the important thing is that they are happy together.

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