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Let's Talk About Whitney From 'The Bachelor'

Week 5 has passed, another contestant bit the dust, and there are now 12 women remaining on Season 21 of The Bachelor. But somehow there are still contestants that fans know next to nothing about, like Whitney, the one who Nick called out first in the most recent rose ceremony. Other than being a pilates instructor, not much was given away about her on the show, so fans have every right to ask, who is Whitney on The Bachelor? The contestant has managed to fly under the radar, at least where viewers are concerned, and get very little camera time this season, but she actually has ties to other Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, which is really surprising.

Honestly, if not for Corinne and her Bachelor gold with all of the drama that has surrounded her, the truth about Whitney's past would have probably been a huge selling point on the drama and shocking twists this season. But because of the season's villain, Whitney hasn't been known for much really, let alone her past with other contestants in Bachelor Nation. Luckily, it doesn't look like she's tied to anyone from Nick's past specifically, but with the amount of friends in high Bachelor places the girl has, you would think the 25-year-old Minnesota native came on the show for, ahem, the wrong reasons.

Wetpaint reports that Whitney is friends with former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher, thanks to her previous relationship with Matt Nordgren from Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas. Matt is friends with JoJo's ex-boyfriend, Chad Rookstool, whom the former Bachelorette made reference to a bunch during Ben's season of The Bachelor. So it's all one big happy reality TV family. Apparently Whitney was also pretty friendly with Lucy Argon from Bachelor in Paradise at one point as well, so it definitely pays to have Bachelor Nation references when signing up to be on The Bachelor.

On The Bachelor, Whitney has gotten close to some of the other contestants, but has still managed to lay pretty low key so far this season. But there has to be something that's gotten Whitney this far on The Bachelor without being involved in any of the drama. She's been so chill that when Nick called Whitney's name first during last Monday night's rose ceremony, many viewers were like, "Who???"

Apart from being a pilates instructor, Whitney is also a model, and judging from her social media game, she seems like one of the most genuine and normal people as far as Bachelor contestants go. So she's either so harmless that it's hard to get a bad edit going for her, or her time has yet to come this season. Because as the eliminations leave fewer women, there will certainly be more opportunities for her to stand out.