Alliances On 'The Challenge' Are About To Shift Big Time

The Challenge: War of the Worlds began with teams made up of veteran players and rookies and somehow, most of them managed to work together to make it pretty far. Now, the teams were just disbanded and it is every man and woman for themselves. So it makes you wonder who is working together on The Challenge now that the teams have been split up and no one has a designated ally.

Some of the teams, like Turbo and Nany and Paulie and Natalie, worked well because of their own team dynamics. But for Da’Vonne, who had Bear as her partner, it wasn't so easy to make it this far. And Hunter and Georgia likely won't be working together anymore now that he doesn't have to pretend to make nice with her. So it begs the question of who, if anyone, is now willing to work together to get to the end of the season?

Regardless of who each competitor works with, either out in the open or behind the scenes, there will be only one winner of the $750,000 prize, so alliances will only matter to an extent. But right now, with the UK alliance already formed, I see them sitting pretty, and there could be a few other low-key teams in the making.

Wes and Hunter were already secretly working together before the teams were split up, so it would make sense if they continue to work as one without other players knowing. If they work together to take out bigger threats they could both go far, but once someone catches wind of their partnership, they could be easily targeted.

Paulie, Natalie, and Cara Maria are also a potential unofficial team moving forward. Although Natalie was excited about no longer relying on her partner, she might agree to work with Paulie and Cara Marie for a little while, if only because they are both strong competitors to have on your side. She did say at the end of tonight’s episode that she’s relieved to no longer be in the middle of Paulie’s drama, but that might be a safer place than right in front of him as a target. As her former partner, he knows how strong she is and he could be her strongest competition now.


Since Natalie and Dee have made their friendship known, there’s no question that they will work together in some capacity. In the trailer for next week’s episode, they seem excited about the idea of playing a new game without their former partners and that could mean that they will have each other’s backs from here on out.

One of the more obvious, but strongest, alliances from here on out may be the UK alliance. They have already gotten out some of their biggest threats and now that none of them have partners to answer to outside of the alliance, they could be even more powerful. They don’t have to hide their alliance since essentially everyone already knows they are working together and when it comes to other pairs who might be working together, the UK alliance still has the numbers.

Nany and Hunter might just be romantically interested in each other, but that doesn't mean they can't also start working together on the sly. In the promo for next week's Challenge episode, Hunter and Turbo get into a screaming match and that could be because Turbo is jealous to see his former partner working with Hunter, another strong competitor.

Regardless of who works together on The Challenge now that the teams are gone, only one player will win at the end of the season. It does help to know who your competition will be once you get to that point, however, so working with other players is still beneficial. But eventually, there won't be a need for any alliances.