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Bryce's Death On '13 Reasons Why' Is The Focus Of Season 3

At the end of 13 Reasons Why Season 2, everything surrounding Hannah’s life and death came to an end. Clay finally said goodbye to her, Jessica moved on from her own guilt and testified to help Hannah’s mom win her case against the school and Bryce. For the most part, it was over — though Bryce had yet to answer for his crimes. But after the Season 3 trailer teased his death, fans were left wondering who killed Bryce on 13 Reasons Why other than the most obvious answer. Nothing is certain just yet, but I have some ideas.

Tyler, who at the end of Season 2 was brutally attacked by Bryce’s henchman Montgomery, is the most obvious suspect. The season ended with an attempted school shooting by Tyler before he was stopped by Clay. Perhaps this was a wakeup call for Tyler. Or maybe he is the culprit in Bryce’s Season 3 murder.

There are still a handful of other potential suspects for Bryce’s murder, especially if Season 3 reveals another crime he got away with that the show hasn't yet introduced. Since Season 3 seems like it's going to be a whodunit, fans are likely already trying to figure out the mystery themselves.


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I find it hard to believe that Clay would be violent enough to commit murder, but he sill has every reason to want revenge on Bryce for raping Hannah and mistreating dozens of other girls at Liberty High. Even if it was accidental, however, Clay could have had a hand in Bryce’s murder. At the end of the Season 3 trailer, he opens his mouth to tell Bryce’s mom what he knows about the crime. So even if he didn't do it himself, he might be close to the person who did.


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Zach and Hannah’s relationship before her death was one of the things that helped 13 Reasons Why fans feel for him. Like all of Hannah’s friendships and romantic relationships, the one she had with Zach was complicated. But overall, he’s the typical "nice jock" of the bunch.

In the Season 3 trailer, he is shown sitting close to Bryce’s girlfriend, Chloe, on the bleachers, but they quickly move away from each other when the camera pans over them. They could secretly be together and Chloe might confide another of Bryce’s awful deeds to him, causing him to confront and potentially kill Bryce himself. It would certainly give him motive.


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Although Chloe stood by Bryce last season, she also revealed at the end of the season that she’s pregnant. Viewers were supposed to believe it is Bryce’s baby, but nothing has been confirmed. It also wouldn't be surprising if Bryce's mistreatment of Chloe were to escalate and she reacted in self-defense. r


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There are two things fans know for sure about Montgomery — he has a wild violent streak and he is loyal to Bryce to a fault. The latter might make him less likely to hurt the guy he has been defending for two seasons, but because of his history of violence, I wouldn't put it past him to kill Bryce in a fit of rage.


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Alex’s own violent tendencies flared up throughout Season 2. He has tried to do the right thing by Hannah, Clay, and Jessica, but he clearly still has some deep rooted pain he hasn't completely dealt with yet.

Because of what Bryce did to Jessica and the fact that Jessica cheated on Alex at the end of Season 2 with Justin, Alex could have been driven to commit murder. The trailer also shows someone approaching his father, who is a sheriff's deputy, and it could be in reference to Alex’s role in Bryce’s murder.

Someone New

The 13 Reasons Why Season 3 trailer also gives fans a look at actress Grace Saif, who plays Liberty High newbie Ani. She's friends with Clay and Jessica and has a criminal past of her own already. Plus, in the trailer, she is shown trying to scrub what appears to be blood out of a shirt. It’s unclear if she has ties to Bryce too, but as with most things on 13 Reasons Why, a secret like that could come out at any time.

Now that the show has moved past Hannah’s death, it seems like 13 Reasons Why will focus on the lives of those she left behind at Liberty High. And when Season 3 drops on Netflix on Aug. 23, that means figuring out who killed Bryce and what the lives of everyone else will be like moving forward.