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Who Plays Berta In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? She Might Look Familiar

(Warning: This post contains spoilers from Episode 1 of the Gilmore Girls revival.) Things have always been pretty cut and dry with the women of Gilmore Girls, but in the Gilmore Girls revival, plenty has changed. Richard is gone and with his absence, Emily seems to have hired yet another new maid, Berta. And even though there are only four parts to the continuation of the original series, she might look familiar to you. So who plays Berta in the Gilmore Girls revival? As Emily's new housekeeper who has (somehow) managed to not get fired yet, Berta is apparently living in the Gilmore house with her husband, Alejandro, while working for Emily. But she bares a striking resemblance to another new character in the Gilmore Girls revival — Gypsy. But how can this be?

Curiously, there is no information currently available on who plays Berta, but you almost have to assume that it's Rose Abdoo, the same actress who plays Gypsy, and that they're just messing with viewers by doubling up on characters for the actress. Gypsy was a cool, outspoken, down-to-earth mechanic of Stars Hollow back when Gilmore Girls first aired prior to its Netflix debut. And even though fans know for sure that iGypsy is back for the Gilmore Girls revival, it's still entirely possible that Abdoo has decided to take on the role of Berta as well. I mean, double the characters means double the money, right? That doesn't sound like a bad deal to me!

Having Abdoo play Berta would actually bring things full circle, in a way, because if you remember, back in Season 5 of Gilmore Girls, Lorelai introduced Gypsy to a tipsy and super agreeable Emily and the Gilmore matriarch found it easy to open up to her (whether Gypsy wanted her to or not).

Gypsy almost instantly realized how much of a handful Emily can be (bless her) and turned to Lorelai to say, "Please make your mother stop talking to me." It was several years ago, but it almost makes you wonder if the writers loved the idea of getting those two actresses back together again so much that they decided to have Abdoo take on another character in order to make it happen.

It hasn't been confirmed that the actress who plays Berta on the Gilmore Girls revival is the same one who plays Gypsy, but I wouldn't put it past Amy Sherman-Palladino to have wanted to keep it all in the family when it came to casting for the Gilmore Girls revival. Abdoo said at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in 2016 that her portrayal of Gypsy had always been accomplished by channeling part of Lorelai, so putting her with Emily now would totally make sense.