Freydis On 'Vikings' Is Played By A Rising Newcomer

Vikings Season 5 recently returned to the History Channel with Ivar the Boneless in charge and ready to rule over Kattegat. But with him came his queen, Freydis, who may be just as important as he is moving forward. She was originally a slave girl sent to seduce him and was eventually sent away. However she returned after the battle of Kattegat and now she’s Ivar's wife going into the second half of Season 5. The actress who plays Freydis on Vikings, Alicia Agneson, will be playing her for the foreseeable future, but the young actress also has some other projects in the works.

Although her IMDB profile lists Vikings her her sole acting credit, International Artists Management, a talent company which represents her, recently tweeted that she’ll also be in the upcoming movie Little Kingdom. Besides acting on screen, Agneson has experience in theater. She was born in Sweden and grew up performing and dancing in different small scale stage productions before she moved to London to pursue acting more seriously. On what looks like her LinkedIn account, Agneson has the American Musical and Theatre Academy listed as part of her former education and in 2013 she starred as the title role in a London stage production of Cinderella. So while this may be her first big TV role, she definitely has plenty of performing experience.

Agneson is just 22 years old and her acting career is just getting started — but already she’s made waves as Freydis on Vikings. The mysterious wife of Ivar continues to enchant viewers as Season 5 progresses and I don’t think anyone could see any other actress in the role. And since it appears to be already leading to bigger roles elsewhere, there’s no telling how far her star will rise.

On Instagram, Agneson regularly posts photos from on-set while promoting the show. And outside of Vikings, she seems to enjoy the outdoors. When she isn't jetting off on day-long yacht adventures, she’s paddle boarding or horseback riding. She’s also no stranger to power tools or chopping wood, so if you ever need to survive out in the wilderness and Ron Swanson is unavailable, she’s your person.

Some fans have also speculated that Ageson is dating Christian Jonsson, an Obstacle Course Racing World Championships competitor. Although the pair haven’t posted about each other on Instagram ad nauseam, there are a few photos peppered in that suggest they could be a couple. One fan commented on a photo claiming that they’re dating, but it’s hard to say for certain. Other than the potential relationship, Agneson seems super close to her BFF, model Viktor Frisk.

Her Instagram captions are also telling of what she values the most. From Cher lyrics to empowering quotes, she’s already a total role model for younger Vikings viewers. Under one photo Agneson posted recently, she wrote, "Nothing is more dangerous than a woman who knows her self worth, nothing as inspiring." And under another one of her photos, she said, "She decided to do what always makes her happy and so she did." OK, I’m pretty sure I love Agneson more than Freydis now and I didn't think that was possible.

If IMDB is any indication of Agneson’s future on Vikings, then fans can expect to have her around for a while. Her career outside of the show might be taking off, but regardless, she seems intent on staying with the show that started it all for her.