'Feud's Mamacita Is Crawford's Closest Confidant

There are plenty of familiar faces in Ryan Murphy’s newest FX anthology series, Feud, which follows the real life rivalry between Hollywood icons Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon signed on to play the feuding actresses, and the cast also includes Kathy Bates and Stanley Tucci. So yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. But who plays Mamasita on Feud? Jackie Hoffman portrays the part of Crawford’s German maid who assists her in pretty much all aspects of her life, so the character is definitely vital to the season, even if Hoffman doesn’t play any of the stars of the era. As one of Crawford’s closest confidants in the series, Hoffman’s Mamacita on Feud will likely be privy to some of Crawford’s innermost secrets or, at the very least, a closer look into how her mind works throughout the on-set rivalry.

Hoffman is known as a comedic actresses, laying claims to roles in shows like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, The New Normal, and Difficult People. So taking on the role of Crawford’s German maid/assistant is going to mean that viewers will likely pay a lot of attention to the supporting character in the anthology series. In 2009, Hoffman also spent several episodes on the soap opera One Life to Live, so she’s also no stranger to the over the top dramatics viewers can expect from this particular feud.


In some of the scenes posted on Instagram, you see an unimpressed Mamacita with her boss, and she seems to quick to call her boss out on her ridiculousness, so Hoffman will clearly be bringing some comic relief to the series. And seeing her in the role makes you realize that there’s probably no one else who could do it as well at this point.

Another piece of interesting news is the fact that Mamacita was based on Crawford's real life maid of the same name. So be sure to keep that in mind as the season progresses since she was perhaps the closest friend and confidante the actress ever had, which should make their dynamic rather interesting.

Mamacita isn’t a main character of Feud by any means, but she’s yet another supporting character who shapes one half of the famous rivalry that is depicted in Season 1 of the new anthology series, which premieres on March 5 at 10 p.m. ET on FX.