Who Will Narrate The Audio Version Of 'Harry Potter & The Cursed Child'?

It's been a few days since the world was gifted the unofficial eighth Harry Potter book. And along with some questions about the book itself, fans have additional questions about the future of their favorite series. Things like will there be a movie, can you stream the play, and who will narrate the audio version of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child?

Well, first, there has to be an audio version for someone to narrate. Snitch Seeker, an online forum for Harry Potter fans, reported there are no plans to release an audio version of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child at this time. Both the U.S. publisher Scholastic and U.K. publisher Little, Brown Book Group told the website that there were no plans to record an audio version to accompany the release of the new book. Snitch Seeker added, however, that an audio version may be recorded once a final version of the script is released.

With no plans for a ninth Harry Potter book and no word on a movie version of The Cursed Child, an audio book is the only hope fans have for more Potter in their lives. And, if that's the case, then there has to be an all-star narrator. If Rowling and Co. are looking for suggestions on who should narrate Harry Potter and The Cursed Child here are 13 possibilities.


Jim Dale

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And English actor and voice artist, Jim Dale has narrated all the audio versions of Harry Potter than have been sold in the United States. So it would only make sense for him to narrate the eighth installment, right?


Stephen Fry

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The English-born actor is a natural pick for plenty of reasons. To start, he's besties with Emma Thompson, who portrayed the cooky Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter films. But, most importantly, Fry narrates the U.K. Harry Potter audio books. There's even a video of a narration battle between Fry and Dale, and it's pretty great.


Emma Watson

According to People, Watson has applauded Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, so surely shed jump at the chance to narrate the audio book. Not to mention it'd give her the chance to reprise her role as the sassy and smart Hermione Granger.


Danielle Radcliffe

Who better than The Chose One (or, the actor behind him) to narrate the unofficial eighth book?


Maggie Smith

The only person more badass than Professor McGonagall is the woman who plays her. I'd happily let Dame Maggie Smith read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child to me every night before bed.


Michael Gambon

Professor Dumbledore plays a pretty important role in The Cursed Child (and Albus Severus Potter happens to be his namesake.) So it'd be perfectly fitting for the actor behind Dumbledore to lend his voice to the audio version.


The Men Behind The Mauraders

Let's be honest — the Harry Potter movies deprived fans of a lot of Remus, Sirius, and James action. So, to give them their proper "screen" time, it'd be fitting to have David Thewlis (Remus Lupin), Gary Oldman (Sirius Black), and Adrian Rawlins (James Potter) attack the books as a trio.


Julie Walters

Obviously fans want to hear Julie Walters utter "not my daughter you b*tch" one more time. But they'd settle to hear her narrate The Cursed Child.


James and Oliver Phelps

Speaking of Weasleys, who wouldn't want to hear the men behind George and Fred (RIP) bring The Cursed Child to life? The duo would surely bring some laughter and lightness to the play.


The Royal Family

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Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William are huge Potterheads, according to The Daily Mail. Surely they'd be honored to narrate the newest edition of the book.


Luke Youngblood

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The actor behind Lee Jordan, everyone's favorite Quidditch announcer, would make a great choice for the audio book. If he's true to character, he may go a little off script. And that'd be OK with me.


Robbie Coltrane

Hagrid is noticeably absent from The Cursed Child, and it breaks many readers' hearts. So it'd be great if Coltrane could lend his iconic voice to the audio book.


J.K. Rowling

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A pretty obvious choice, no? Without Rowling, we would have never been introduced to the wizarding world and the magic that resides in (and out) of it.