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Here's Who Is Most Likely To Win 'Big Brother 19'

This season of Big Brother has been, at times, intense, while other times, thanks to Paul’s influence on some of the other houseguests, relatively predictable. But even if some of the evictions and Head of Household wins were easy to forsee, finding out who wins Big Brother 19 is still anticipated by tons of fans. Since Paul is still in the house, however, some of the houseguests definitely stand a better chance than others when it comes to winning the coveted $500,000 prize.

In a perfect world, Josh would somehow get way more "woke" than he already is and rally against Paul to win the season, but it looks like Paul, the Big Brother 19 mastermind, is going to take the win this time around. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of other possibilities for that win though. Paul may have been successful in having a lot of the other houseguests do his dirty work this season, but that hasn’t stopped Josh from excelling in competitions and being made Head of Household more than once.

Out of all of the houseguests who could win Big Brother 19, one is definitely more likely than the others, but these are definitely how they rank, from most to least likely to win this season and come out on top...


Whether you love him, just respect his game, or are tired of him at this point, Paul has been a dynamic player for the entire season. He’s managed to keep his hands mostly clean, right up until and including Alex’s recent eviction. The one thing that could tarnish his chances of winning Big Brother 19, though, is the jury votes. Since he’s made more than a couple of enemies thanks to his game getting exposed once or twice, there’s the possibility that some of the jury houseguests, like Cody and now Jason and Alex, could vote for whoever is in the final two with Paul, regardless of who they might be.

Then again, those who fans think are now against Paul could pull out the "respect" card. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Cody saying something along the lines of, "Paul and I didn’t really see eye to eye, but I respect his game as an alpha." That being said, out of the final four Big Brother 19 houseguests, Paul has the best chance at winning.


More than likely, Josh will make it to final two with Paul. Right now, it looks like Paul would be willing to take either Christmas or Josh to his final two, but if he took Christmas, she would likely win the majority of jury votes since she hasn’t ruffled many feathers this season. But if he takes the less popular Josh, things could definitely sway in his favor.

When it comes down to it, though, the jury votes could legitimately go either way. Josh might not be on the best terms with Cody, Raven, and possibly even Mark still, but Paul’s game was exposed a couple of times, leading some of his former followers in the Big Brother house to see him for his true game. The votes could be close, but with Paul and Josh in the final two, Josh could very well come out on top if enough jury houseguests are against Paul by the time the Big Brother 19 finale comes. Plus, Josh has been proven to be a decent competitor in the various competitions.


Christmas may be all about taking Paul to the final two with her, but he doesn’t seem likely to bring her with him if given the chance. True, he would be able to beat her in most physical competitions moving forward, but the jury votes are where it’s really at. Paul might still have some friends in the jury house, but Christmas has managed to stay close to enough houseguests to warrant even more votes than Paul. Then there’s the potential sympathy votes she could get because of her foot injury and Paul likely sees that.

Since Christmas is determined to make it to the final two with Paul by her side, she could very well win Thursday’s Head of Household competition to achieve that. Paul is the HOH right now, so he’s ineligible to win it and Kevin is likely going to jury next, so Josh and Christmas will literally be fighting for their spot in the final two with Paul. And foot injury or not, Christmas is a determined competitor.


The most likely scenario right now is that Kevin is going to the jury house Thursday night. With Paul as HOH, one of his nominees is probably Kevin, since he hasn't been part of any of the remaining alliances and has really just been doing what Paul tells him. With that being the case, Kevin has the least likely chance of winning Big Brother 19 or even getting to the final two. As much as fans might want him to be the winner at the end of it all, Kevin doesn’t stand much of a chance with the remaining houseguests.

For diehard Paul fans who remember him coming in second place at the end of Big Brother 18, winning this season is a natural next step for him. And really, if you look at the way the rest of the season may play out, Paul is more likely to win as far as competitions and jury votes go, regardless of the enemies he might have made along the way.

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