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Nick Made A Tough Decision On 'The Bachelor'

He might have waited a good week after she bared her soul to him with the revelation of her heartbreaking backstory about coming to America after being adopted from a Russian orphanage, but why did Nick eliminate Kristina on The Bachelor? She was a fast fan favorite and although it was hard to say how far she would actually go, no one really expected Nick to send her home so soon after really getting to know who she was. I mean, I didn't think Nick would be ready to send her home, but I also didn't think any Bachelor fans were ready to say goodbye to her either.

The truth of the matter is that after Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, they will be sliding right into hometown dates, then fantasy suite dates, and soon after, the big finale. It all seems crazy, because it seems like just yesterday Corinne was hating "planned dancing" with the Backstreet Boys, but this is really where we're at. And if Nick is going to narrow the women down to who he can see himself with in the future and for the long haul, then that means he has to weed out those who he doesn't see a future with, even if it's hard for him to do.

Back when there was all of that Taylor and Corinne drama, it was a no brainer for the Bachelor to send one of them home and keep the peace. That, I understand. But why did Nick eliminate Kristina on The Bachelor when she's more than proven how awesome she is? This is the same contestant who chose to calmly talk to Corinne about her actions with the other women rather than fight with her, and the same woman who told her brave story in front of a camera crew and obviously felt herself getting emotionally closer to Nick because of it. Basically, Kristina has been totally real and has seemed like a potential final rose contender for The Bachelor, which is why Nick's elimination seemed to come out of left field.

Instead of waiting for the rose ceremony, Nick felt it would be more courteous if he went to her room instead to say goodbye in private. Simply put, he didn't feel like he was "in love" with Kristina, no matter how close they had gotten. Kristina went on the last group date before hometown dates with Raven and Corinne, and since it was such an important group date, the pressure was on. And during the date, he seemed to really click with Kristina on a physical level for a change. He even comforted her after she got freaked out by their snorkeling excursion.

Nick didn't wait until the rose ceremony though (does he even like those anymore?), and instead went to her room and sent her home from there, which may be much much worse. When he talked to Kristina about sending her home, she didn;t take it sitting down and told him that he didn't give her a fair chance. But Nick also knew that he had to pay attention to the other, stronger relationships he had.

Although Nick's intentions were likely pure, it's still hard for some fans to imagine a world where Corinne gets to hometown dates and Kristina doesn't. On the bright side though, everyone can start their collective campaign to make Kristina the next Bachelorette now.