Why Did Paulie Betray Zakiyah On 'Big Brother'? There's Trouble In Paradise

Paulie and Zakiyah may have been the first showmance of the season on Big Brother 18, but that doesn't mean their relationship is any easier or any more solid than everyone else's in the house. In fact, it may very well be crumbling right before our disbelieving eyes after seeing Paulie totally go behind her back on Wednesday night's episode. But why did Paulie betray Zakiyah on Big Brother? Until recently, everything seemed pretty normal between the usually hot and heavy couple, but it was Zakiyah's jealous streak that initially pushed Paulie away.

Now, that doesn't really give him the right to dismiss her feelings when she was trying to talk to him about it in the middle of the night, nor is it an excuse for Paulie running to current BFF Paul the second Zakiyah said anything sladerous about him. But she got jealous, and he got distant. Let's be real — Paulie is a huge flirt, and if he hadn't embarked on any sort of showmance with Zakiyah, he would currently be openly flirting with most of the women on Big Brother 18. So when some of them showed him some extra attention, i.e. Nicole and Natalie, it didn't sit well with Zakiyah.

It really didn't help when, in the Big Brother live feeds, Zakiyah asked Paulie what he did when Natalie was apparently tickling his leg and he told her that he said Natalie would be a good back tickler. It's kind of boyfriend skills 101 to deny any interaction or flirting with other pretty girls, but obviously Paulie has a different book of showmance etiquette that he goes by. And once Zakiyah voiced her opinions and showed her jealousy, more than once mind you, he seemed to almost write her off.

When Paulie ran to Paul to tell him how Zakiyah had mentioned getting rid of him soon, he referred to Zakiyah as a "scam" and then said "schemers - you just gotta put 'em up." Paulie also came right out and said that the next time he wins head of household, he wants to put her up. That's right, put Zakiyah up on the block for eviction. I know that these houseguests are all here to win the game and that it will come before everything else eventually, but to hear Paulie say, "She might have to go sooner rather than later" showed just how easily he can write her off.

And that's kind of scary, especially when afterward he was unashamed to continue to flirt and cuddle with Zakiyah as if everything was normal between them. But it's clear that whatever there is between Paulie and Zakiyah on Big Brother is also going to be over sooner rather than later.