Why Didn't Paulie Save Zakiyah On 'Big Brother'? He's Working For His Alliance

It's taken a few weeks, but the first and seemingly strongest showmance on Big Brother 18 has finally crumbled. Paulie and Zakiyah seemed like a couple to beat, but now they might not be working together much longer. But why didn't Paulie save Zakiyah with the veto on Big Brother when he had the chance? He helped Victor choose the two women, Michelle and Zakiyah, to put up in the first place, so it was obvious that he was starting to turn his back on the other half of his showmance. But when Paulie won Power of Veto on Big Brother and had the power to save Zakiyah, he did the unthinkable and he didn't even use it.

He knew that if he didn't use the Power of Veto, he would be disappointing Zakiyah, but if he did use it to take down either of the female targets, he would be angering his alliance, The Executives, so what does Paulie do? He chooses the guys and sticks with their awesome (read: awful) plan to slowly push out all of the women in the house so their alliance can prevail. Even if that means betraying the trust of Zakiyah and, by proxy, ending whatever they had together. Even if Michelle is voted out of the house, it's obvious that nothing will ever be the same between Paulie and Zakiyah again.

So why didn't Paulie save Zakiyah on Big Brother? He decided that the most important thing to him in the house is his all-male alliance and that it would be best to keep both women up on the block. Paulie was also so sure that he could get Michelle out this time around that it likely wouldn't even matter if he took Zakiyah off the block or took her down and saved her.

Despite Zakiyah's obvious worry over being voted off Big Brother, Paulie assured her that he has enough control over everyone else in the house to keep her there. He also told her that in his eyes, the goal for eviction is Michelle, but it was also obvious that Michelle isn't necessarily everyone else's choice.

When Paulie started going on about being the king of the Big Brother house, it got to be too much. He told Zakiyah, "If the queen was in any danger, the king would make a move," but it's obvious that the king in this scenario doesn't particularly care about the fate of the queen if it doesn't directly affect him. At this point, he's so confident in his alliance with the other guys that he's sure they'll vote according to what he wants.

Right now, the best we can hope for is to have the women rise up and take back the house, so to speak, by winning the Head of Household competition Thursday night. Because it's obvious what gender the targets have been for too long.