Paul Hebert/ABC

Ben Z. Found Himself At A Crossroads On 'Paradise'

Even though some contestants do find real love in Bachelor Nation, the sad truth is that some end up leaving of their own accord with no relationship and definitely no Neil Lane engagement ring. Unfortunately, Ben Z. is one of those leaving without a new relationship, but why is Ben Z. leaving Bachelor in Paradise? He's ready to go home to his dog, Zeus, and back to his life in California.

The Season 11 Bachelorette contestant wasn't as well-known as some of the more recent contestants, and there are a lot of Rachel's cast-offs on Bachelor in Paradise this season, so that might be part of why he didn't garner as much attention as he could have, say, last season. But Ben Z. wasn't able to make many love connections on Bachelor in Paradise and since Season 4 is nearing its end, he likely figured that it was best to quit now rather than wait for a rose ceremony where he probably wouldn't have gotten a rose anyway.

The running joke about Ben Z. this season was his love for his dog and the fact that, as he has said many times himself, he could have been at home with his young rottweiler Zeus. I'm sure Ben Z.'s dog wasn't the only reason he decided to leave Bachelor in Paradise, but because he couldn't make a connection by the Week 4 rose ceremony, he went home.

Ben Z's dog Zeus even has his own Instagram page, so the dedication to his canine bestie is very real. And by all accounts, talking about his love for his dog should have probably gotten Ben Z. a lot more heart eyes than he received this season. But Ben Z. was unable to start a romance or get coupled up by Week 4 on Bachelor in Paradise and if you aren't falling for someone by then, it's probably not going to happen.

The fitness trainer and dog lover seems like a total catch and on another season, he might end up doing better and find a connection with someone in a more permanent way, but Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise apparently wasn't the place for him to find love. Luckily, he always has Zeus to go home to.

There's always the chance that Ben Z. could come back on another season of Bachelor in Paradise, but there were far too many love triangles and squares on Season 4 to allow him to find his place with someone this time around.