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Here's Why Your Vagina Is Blue During Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman expects a change or two to happen to her vagina before she brings home her baby, but not many expect her vagina to take on an entirely different hue. Whether you're using a hand mirror to see what's going on down there or can still bend over to take a look, there's a chance you're wondering, "Why is my vagina blue during pregnancy?" While I wish I could tell you that it means you're going to have a quick, pain-free labor, and that your baby will be delivered by storks, that's not the case. But luckily, it doesn't mean you're sentenced to an obscene amount of contractions either.

Dr. Kameelah Phillips, an OB-GYN in New York City, tells Romper that if you notice your vagina or vulva is looking a little blue (and not in a sad way) during pregnancy, that's totally normal. "At the beginning of pregnancy, the cervix and vagina can take on a bluish hue known as Chadwick's sign," Phillips says. "If it is a woman with multiple pregnancies and varicose veins, the engorged labia can have a more blue appearance from the increase in venous blood flow."

It's like a light show, except it's your vagina. Blue is totally normal, but don't be alarmed if you seem some other colors, too, including red. According to Phillips, the later stages of pregnancy can cause the vagina and cervix in some women to become even more engorged from all of the extra blood flow, making it look a little more red than its typical pink hue.

But again, all totally normal. In fact, that increased blood flow may not only turn your vagina colors, but it may make it even more sensitive. According to What to Expect, as your vulva becomes engorged with blood, you may find that your sex drive also increases. The heightened sensitivity can not only make orgasms more frequent, but they may feel more intense and last longer than they did before you were pregnant. Hey, a blue vagina doesn't sound quite so "blue" anymore, does it?